Top 5 Picks: Obama's Inaugural Celebration

Top 5 Picks from Around the Web: Barack Obama's Inaugural Celebration!

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Top 5 Picks from Around the Web

Barack and Michelle Obama1. Talk about a jam-packed weekend! For those of you with an HBO hookup, you were fortunate enough to witness Obama’s celeb-fueled Inaugural celebration which took place on Sunday. Actor Denzel Washington kicked off the president-elect’s introduction to Washington,
D. C. with an inspiring speech, which then led to a rockin’ performance by Bruce Springsteen. Other memorable moments included: Mary J. Blige’s “Lean on Me” cover, Jamie Foxx’s dead-on impersonation of the man of the hour, and Sheryl Crow’s magnificent collaboration with and Herbie Hancock. Though he spent the majority of the evening alongside his family in a private booth, Obama made it a point to hop up onstage and thank the performers – as well as the audience members – for sharing in the festivities.

“Welcome to Washington, and welcome to this celebration of American renewal,” Obama declared. “As I stand here tonight, what gives me the greatest hope . . . is you: Americans of every race and region and station who came here because you believe in what this country can be and because you want to help us get there.” (People)

2. So he lost his electric shaver and his sanity all in the span of a month? Joaquin Phoenix may have pulled the plug on his notable career, but the man has no intentions of disappearing COMPLETELY. Get ready, hold your breath, this one’s a doozy … the ex-actor now fancies himself a rapper! Just how many ZZ Top looking MCs do you know of? (Omg!)

3. Never one to bottle it all in, Sharon Osbourne’s little hellion has been arrested for assault. The incident took place at a SoHo nightclub back in August, when Kelly Osbourne “flew into a rage” and supposedly slapped a gossip journalist after she dared to make fun of her boyfriend. Kelly is out on bail, but will be required to speak to authorities again in March. This family needs to take one giant chill pill. (Daily Mail)

4. Last week Lindsay Lohan appeared to have broken things off with girlfriend Samantha Ronson, but whatever the 31-year-old DJ did to annoy her best buddy may be water under the bridge at this point. The two were having a grand old time during Sunday’s “Declare Yourself Inauguration Kick-off” event in the capital. Is that a reconciliation we smell? (PerezHilton)

5. Around Thanksgiving, Cindy McCain was speaking with producers about possibly appearing on Dancing with the Stars. However, Mr. McCain doesn’t approve. Is it seriously “what he says goes”? What a fuddy duddy! (Truemors)

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