Top 5 Picks from Around the Web: Susan Boyle's Overnight Transformation

Top 5 Picks from Around the Web: Susan Boyle's overnight transformation, Rihanna is writing new tunes, and more!

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Top 5 Picks from Around the Web

-Carolyn French

Susan Boyle1. No longer the “hairy angel” we fell in love with, Susan Boyle has transformed into a budding fashionista overnight! The Britian’s Got Talent star unveiled her new look this morning as she calmly strolled through the streets of her hometown, ensuring that the Scotland paps could get a good shot. Susan‘s $50 makeover (that’s it?) included a hair coloring, a facial, and apparently a bit of help in the clothing department. Guess it’s just a matter of time before we watch her pick up a copy of The South Beach Diet Book. (New York Daily News)

2. Rihanna, who is currently soaking up the sun in Barbados with new BFF Katy Perry, is about to make a major comeback. On Wednesday her producer, Brian Kennedy Steals, spoke with People at the ASCAP Pop Awards in Hollywood and confirmed that the songstress is ready and rearin’ to go. Rihanna has been writing tunes about “different situations in her life, just things that inspire her.” Hmm … now what could that be? (People)

3. Is that Miley Cyrus or Victoria Beckham? At Thursday’s London debut of Hannah Montana: The Movie, Miley Cyrus once again stirred the controversy pot with her elegant but revealing designer dress. While it’s understandable that the 16-year-old would want to be as eye-catching as possible — her specialty! — the parents of her tween fan base aren’t going to be very pleased. (Daily Mail)

4. Britney has lost her hair! No she didn’t take to another electric razor at some random Beverly Hills salon, this time it was entirely out of her control. During her gig in Oakland on Thursday night, a dancer flew down from the roof to lift Brit up into the air for a trapeze stunt, and unintentionally ripped out one of her blonde extensions. Uggh that looked painful! (

5. What a nightmare for these two media-fanatics! Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt have hit a rough patch … “career” wise. Each and every weekly publication has refused to dish out the amount of cash that Spiedi is seeking for their wedding photos (the ceremony is this weekend). Geez how much are they asking for?? (

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  1. The comment about Susan picking up the South Beach Diet Book was a little much. So what if she’s got a little bit of excess? She sings like an absolute angel and seems as sweet as one, too. Why does everyone have to fit into the hollywood mold? I do like her new look, though… that will certainly give her even more confidence. Go Susan!

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