Top 5 Picks from Around the Web: David Beckham's Tattoo Woes

Top 5 Picks from Around the Web: David Beckham's tattoo woes, Helen Mirren is fab at 63, and more

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Top 5 Picks from Around the Web

-Carolyn French

Helen Mirren and Russell Crowe1. Fabulous at 40? Hah try fabulous at 60! Academy Award-winner Helen Mirren looked positively stunning at the London premiere of her new film The State of Play. While the other red carpet-strutting gals wore gaudy gowns and pink tutus (yes, tutus!) the English actress sported a chic Donna Karen dress and Jimmy Choo heels. Costar Russell Crowe couldn’t help but plant a giant smooch on Helen’s elegant lips while posing for the cameras. We don’t blame him! (Daily Telegraph)

2. Sporty hottie David Beckham has a tattoo of his wife’s name in Sanskrit (because, you know, Hinduism is way cool), but, alas, it’s misspelled. According to Sanskrit scholars, David has an extra “H” in there, so the literal translation would be Vihctoria. Don’t ya hate when that happens? (Celebitchy)

Lindsay Lohan3. Lindsay Lohan seems to have reverted back to the skinny-minnie self that we first caught a glimpse of in 2005. Yesterday the redhead was spotted on Melrose Avenue wearing a barely-there summer dress which revealed her rapidly shrinking frame. With a soda clenched tightly in her bony hand, she treated herself to a spending spree alongside younger sis Ali. Lindsay‘s mouthpiece will find it difficult to discredit ‘liquid diet’ rumors after this one. (Daily Mail)

4. Out with the old and in with the new! John Mayer has allegedly chosen his next female prey — ‘aspiring actress’ Scheana Marie Jancan. According to Star, the two met earlier this month at The Grand Havana Room where the 23-year-old served the musician drink after drink … gee, a liquored-up Mayer, sounds like fun. Scheana is already spending time at Johnny‘s lavish bachelor pad in Calabasas, and is said to be quite taken with the relentless womanizer. Friends say that the former Hawaiian Tropic Pageant participant thinks of Mayer as “very tender, sweet and creative.” Yeah, we’re sure that’s exactly how Jennifer Aniston would describe him. (Star Magazine)

5. Jim Carrey takes on Campbell Brown! The funny man took to his laptop and published a massive article for the Huffington Post about the potential dangers of vaccines. He specifically takes Campbell Brown to task for, along with the rest of the mainstream media, announcing that the debate was over and that vaccines are safe. According to Mr. Ace Venture himself, the question of whether or not there’s a link between vaccines and autism is far from resolved. We bet Jenny McCarthy loved his article!
(Huffington Post)

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