Top 5 Stories: December 2, 2008

Top 5 stories from around the Web for December 2, 2008

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Brad Pitt mustache1. Brad Pitt’s latest goal in life doesn’t have anything to do with saving or adopting starving children.  Oh no … he has a much more nefarious plan … TO BRING BACK MUSTACHES!  While we wouldn’t kick him out of bed for eating crackers, mustache or no, we do NOT advise the general male population to stop shaving their upper lips.  Our DADS had mustaches.  Porn stars from the ’70s have mustaches.  SANTA CLAUS has a mustache.  Let’s leave it at that, shall we? (

Michael Phelps and his girlfriend2. Taking a page from George Clooney’s book, Olympic star Michael Phelps has snagged a Sin City cocktail waitress of his own, 26-year-old, Caroline “Caz” Pal, to date. They’ve been dating about two months, and he even took her home to meet his family for Thanksgiving. Attention all single women, think about getting a job as a cocktail waitress in Vegas … (People)

3. Tanya Hollander made a pretty easy transition from running a hooker ring (the one that supplied non other than Elliot Spitzer) to running a yoga studio for Uma Thurman’s parents. The only problem is that Uma’s parents had no clue about her prior role, and she was hired under another name. “Clearly, had we been aware, we might have hired someone else,” said Uma’s mother, who runs a yoga center in upstate New York. No word yet on if she has been or will be fired … (New York Post)

4. American Idol and X Factor judge Simon Cowell bugs a lot of people with his blunt assessments of performers … and now he’s been bugged. After complaining to his security team about a mysterious motorcyclist who kept showing up wherever Cowell did, they discovered a high-tech, highly illegal tracking device attached to his Bentley. Sources say he’s “completely freaked out” by this discovery. We don’t blame him, but are surprised that paps don’t employ this technique more often… (Daily Mail)

5. In other stalker news … Kirsten Dunst’s assistant performed a citizen’s arrest on a man who was trespassing at the star’s home exhibiting “aggressive” and “harassing” behavior and saying he has a “spiritual connection” with Dunst. We say that assistant deserves a BIG end-of-year bonus! (E! Online)

6. They’re baaaaack! Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt have returned from their blissful honeymoon … back to “reality,” as it were. What led to the spur-of-the-moment wedding? Spencer says, “We thought, ‘let’s do it’. We were chillin’ on the beach with Patron margaritas on the rocks talking about how much we love one another, there was a chapel in the neighborhood, we thought, ‘let’s do it!'” Just like the Nike commercials! Since of course it was a ceremonial wedding only (and not, you know, legally binding in any way), we look forward to the certain hoopla over their legal wedding. Something tells us that won’t be camera-free. (

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