A Topless Coffee Shop in Maine

Tough times call for topless measures up north

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A Topless Coffee Shop in Maine

Tough times call for topless measures up north…

-The Betty Editors

coffe shopWe know that the folks in Maine are hardy, but we never expected those Yankees to be this tough. But, hey, defying the elements–it is probably snowing there right now — Donald Crabtree just opened Grand View Topless Coffee Shop, in Vassalboro, Maine, where the waiters and waitresses serve their customers topless. Yes, you got it right, TOPLESS! Though we hope they are wearing layers and layers of L.L. Bean below the waist.

Vassalboro has a population of less than 4,500, but business at the new coffee shop is booming. Crabtree told CNN:”It’s just been crowds mobbing in… People leave here happy and can’t wait to come back. It’s nice to see people smile again” We bet.

What exactly do the waiters and waitresses wear while serving a hot cuppa joe on a chilly morning? (And don’t even think about what happens when they spill a few steaming drops.) They wear a BIG SMILE! Crabtree says what was most important when he was hiring his staff of ten women and five men was that they be friendly. But, we guess, not too friendly. And Crabtree, honest to a fault, said, “We didn’t hire “tens.’ We hired everyone from skinny to big-boned women.” Just the kind of remark we’re sure his female employees love.

Some in the town were not enthusiastic about the coffee shop, but the planning board approved it opening last week. There was a flood of more than 150 job applicants. Most had been recently laid off. And the jobs at the Grand View are paying well. So far a waitress has even received a $100 tip.

In these tough economic times, even Starbucks has admitted that skim mocha lattes are just not cutting it anymore and they want to try some new things. Will the Grand View Topless be the coffee shop of the future? We hope not. But remember that old expression “As Maine goes, so goes the nation…”

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0 thoughts on “A Topless Coffee Shop in Maine

  1. Um, this is where I live. As in: my hometown.

    We have one gas station.
    We do not have a high school.
    And no one, I repeat, NO ONE has ever heard of Vassalboro when I tell them where I’m from.

    Embarrassing? Yes.
    A topless coffee shop that’s now getting my bitty town coverage (no pun intended)on CNN and BettyConfidential? Wicked embarrassing.

  2. AlviaLynn, don’t be wicked embarrassed. I think it proves how wicked smart and enterprising Mainers can be. After all, the so-called titans of American business can’t figure out any ways to jump-start sales or keep their businesses afloat without a bailout, so I say, you go Yankee!

  3. Hey, AlviaLynn, want to give an on-the-scene report to the rest of us Bettys. We are dying to hear what it is like to have all that Northern Exposure. If you can send pics even better.

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