Tori Spelling & Her Mom, Candy: Arguing Already

The happy family reunion hasn't lasted long as Tori's mom goes overboard with her grandchildren.
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Tori Spelling & Her Mom, Candy: Arguing Already

The happy family reunion hasn’t lasted long as Tori’s mom goes overboard with her grandchildren.

-JoAnna Zulli

Tori Spelling

We knew this wasn’t going to be easy. After years of fighting, Tori Spelling and her mom, Candy, finally put their differences aside at the end of last year and reconciled for the sake of Tori’s kids, Liam and Stella. But, now a source tells BettyConfidential that the truce seems to be on shaky ground — because Candy is spoiling her grandchildren!

“The kids are what brought Candy and Tori together,” says the insider. “Candy was so excited to be a grandmother that she wanted to be a part of their lives. But now Candy is going overboard with spoiling her grandkids and Tori’s not happy about it.”

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Candy SpellingCandy, the widow of multimillionaire TV producer Aaron Spelling, has been buying the kids gifts since Christmas and Tori has asked her mom to please stop, but Candy is not listening, says the source. And, now it’s getting harder and harder for the pair to keep the peace between them.

Tori, who grew up in the lap of luxury in a $150 million L.A. mansion that had its own beauty parlor, movie theater and three gift-wrapping rooms, wants her kids to have a more normal upbringing than she did.

“Tori told Candy she doesn’t want the kids spoiled,” the insider says. “Some of the toys Candy has bought they can’t even play with yet, but Candy will show the kids the toy and then put it away for safe keeping for when they are old enough to enjoy it. Candy is very eccentric, but Tori doesn’t want the kids to feel a sense of entitlement.”

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0 thoughts on “Tori Spelling & Her Mom, Candy: Arguing Already

  1. SPOILED!Tori spoiled those kids..I believe Tori is jealous of her children..Tori wants everything & everyone under her control..I’ve watched her on the tv w/her hubby& children…Tori likes to control..Maybe the grannie can put up a trust fund and abide by Tori wants & just enjoy the grandchildren when she visit….

  2. As a grandmother, I know how hard it is to resist buying things for my granddaughter. I simply can’t resist. I also understand how Tori feels, so I would suggest just putting things away, and maybe even donating them to charity rather than fight with Candy over it. Candy can’t stop herself, so find a healthier way to deal with the issue than fighting. I applaud Tori for not wanting her kids to feel entitled, but at the same time, when you throw parties so over the top for birthdays and such, they are inevitably going to feel that, so it’s important to watch your own behavior with them as well. Tori, you’ve come a long way, so don’t let this set you back!

  3. I see more low income spoiled brats, than the upper class. I feel it is how you are raised. My brother gave his kids everything, and they help everyone….nicest young adults I know.

  4. Team Tori. When all you do is give kids stuff, they learn that the stuff is more important than the relationship. And the mom is the one who gets to decide that. The grandma has to abide by the mom’s wishes if she wants to see her grandkids. Believe it or not, it’s not a grandma’s “job” or “right” to spoil her grandkids. It’s her job to love them and to support their mommy.
    My grandma and mom fought about this so much when I was a kid. Eventually, because my grandma refused to just spend time with me (and because she refused to be respectful to my mother after my parents’ divorce) the relationship between her and our family completely disintegrated. Nonetheless, I’m so glad that my mom raised me to care more about people than presents, and to know the value of the things I had.

  5. You can spoil and still have a well adjusted child. I spoil my 10 year old daughter as I grew up as a child with nothing and want her to be able to have what I couldn’t. My daughter however has the biggest heart….we volunteer with the homeless, she donates her hair to locks of love and she always says please and thank you to people. It DOES depend how you raise them…with love and respect.

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