Torn Between Two Men

A woman seeks advice on how to choose between two different men.

What Would Debbie Do?

Torn Between Two Lovers

Dear Debbie,

I’m stuck between two guys. The first one I have known for a couple years and we have dated on and off. The second I met half a year ago, and things have been going smoothly ever since. For the past two months I have been really struggling with deciding between the two. While I have been taking my sweet time trying to choose, I have been going back and forth between the two. The first knows about the second, but the second does not know about the first, and I feel terrible for lying.

Maybe I am a terrible person since I’m going to hurt someone in the end but I still don’t know how to decide. They are both amazing and make me so happy. Can you help? Please?

Dear Stuck,

Wow, one should be so lucky. For starters, the lying thing isn’t cool. Misleading another person because you “can’t decide” is a selfish and childish thing to do. In the end, you might not get to “choose” if he finds out he can’t trust you and leaves you because of your duplicity. But here’s what I suggest: Take a break from BOTH of these guys – no interaction, no phone calls or texts, nothing. And then, after a few weeks, see just who is the one you truly miss, truly want to see, truly want to kiss! If you can’t figure it out after that, I say you’re in trouble! That’s what I would do.

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0 thoughts on “Torn Between Two Men

  1. I’m curious about the first guy knowing about the second. Isn’t he jealous at all?
    Or maybe he’s just very understanding. Or maybe he doesn’t care that much or maybe he’s even doing the same thing. I’d ask him outright how he feels about it and why.

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