Trading Sex for Money During the Economic Meltdown

How the economic breakdown is causing some people to trade sex for cash.

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Sex Still Sells

Former Wall Street players selling their bodies to Craigslist playas

-Carrie Seim

Woman doing a sexy poseWe’re in a financial freeze, a credit crunch and a banking breakdown. But no matter how far consumer spending drops, there’s always one thing that sells.


In the last few weeks, Americans have turned their “Can do!” spirit into “Wanna do me?” offers on the Internet.

Gawker has a round-up of “Five Types of Recession Sex,” based on Craigslist posts. One 32-year-old, recently laid-off woman lays it all on the line with this subtle headline: “OH WHAT THE HELL – EVERYONE IS DOING IT ANYWAY.” She’s looking for a “generous man – no drama/STDs or CL addicts.” Way to set the bar high, lady.

Then there’s the vile guy offering himself as a sugar daddy to fallen Wall Street women, with this charming caveat: “Only professional women (I’ll ask to see your ID card).” Classy.

But not to worry – you don’t have to be a woman to show your sex-selling ID card. An anonymous straight man who’s taken a tumble from Wall Street has been trying to pull himself up by his “gay virginity” bootstraps. Fortunately (?) the auction has been called off, ostensibly because he was offered a legit job. But I’m guessing it might have had to do with the fact that his gay virginity offer didn’t actually include intercourse of any kind.

And for those who like a dash of politics in their sex-money stew, Politico showall links to a Craigslist ad calling for Sarah Palin look-alikes … to appear in adult films. While the post may be a fraud, it offers $2,000 to $3,000 for the next Dirty Duchess of the Yukon. Which is nothing to pal around about these days. Anybody know where I can find an extra pair of glasses?

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