True Blood Showdown: Eric vs. Bill

Insiders tell BettyConfidential that Alexander Skarsgard is looking for more screen time than his onscreen enemy Stephen Moyer.
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True Blood Showdown: Eric vs. Bill

Insiders tell BettyConfidential that Alexander Skarsgard is looking for more screen time than his onscreen enemy Stephen Moyer.

-JoAnna Zulli

True Blood Eric vs. Bill

The filming of the new season of HBO’s hit vampire series, True Blood, doesn’t begin until early December, but there is already tension brewing among the cast. Setsiders tell BettyConfidential that Alexander Skarsgard, who portrays vampire Eric, is looking for more airtime than his on-screen nemesis, Stephen Moyer.

When the show began two years ago, producers cast Stephen as the lead character, a vampire named Bill who romances Anna Paquin’s Sookie Stackhouse. But as fans got to see more of Swedish hunk Alexander, a number of them jumped on the Team Eric bandwagon.

Alexander Skarsgard

Alex, who despite this rivalry gets along well with Stephen, thought his growing popularity would make him the producers’ favorite, but the insider says that’s not the case. “The execs love Stephen. He’s easy to work with, can handle any scene given to him, he rarely complains, and [SPOILER ALERT!!!!] he didn’t even blink an eye when producers told him they’d be splitting him up with [his real-life fiancé] Anna.”

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As fans of the Charlaine Harris books know, Sookie and Eric do get closer, and last season, Alexander was thrilled when his love scenes with Anna became the focus of the last few episodes of the show (we are choosing to ignore that weird Maryann storyline). But with so many regular cast members and so many storylines intertwined, the source adds that Alexander still felt his character got a bit sidelined and he’s determined for that not to be the case on season three!

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0 thoughts on “True Blood Showdown: Eric vs. Bill

  1. Team Eric. It upsets me that Alan Ball doesn’t follow the storyline because in the books Bill is a scheming, coniving liar who only cared about furthering himself in the Queen’s good graces. I am Team Eric all the way. He’s the only one is was totally honest with Sookie and I feel he cares for her very deeply. Bill may care for her too, but he burned his bridge.

  2. Yeah. I call BS on this article too. I think anyone who’s read an AS interview or followed the show’s developments would know this is made up…and I’m not just saying that because I’m Team Eric. :)

  3. I think Eric is HOT, but I am Team Bill. I would love to see more of Jason in the next season too. I can’t stop watching True Blood. I still catch the reruns when they come on. I can’t wait until June when new season starts.

  4. I’m an Eric fan, but more than anything, a fan of the show. Stop spreading false, vicious rumours. Whoever reads this silly article and believes it, is gullible. Would give it minus 5 stars if I could.

  5. Not only this article says BS, but uses a fake, photoshopped by a fan image of Alexander Skarsgard, that should give you an idea. Lame, but probably effective way to get traffic and some people sign into this site to be able to comment. Well done!

  6. First off, this whole story is crap. Anyone who’s seen, heard, been near, or in smelling distance of Alexander Skarsgard, would know he is the most humble man in Hollywood. I’m sure fans want to see more of Eric in Season 3, but Alex demanding it seems ludicrous to me.
    Point two, when has Alexander Skarsgard and Evan Rachel Wood’s supposed relationship ever been confirmed by either parties. Never. In fact, just two weeks ago Alex was being linked to Kate Bosworth.
    Third, Alex’s people already made a statement debunking this story. Alex, Stephen and Anna are best friends off-set. It seems ludicrous for him to be demanding more screen time than the leading characters.
    I’m just angry that you would try to soil his name, with absolutely no proof, except for a nameless source. If you can’t name the source, then they aren’t brave enough to step up for the lie they concocted.
    Also, how would Alex know that he’s not getting enough airtime, when according to you, he hasn’t even seen the scripts?

  7. Oooh, an actor wanting more screen time… Why does everyone think that is BS? Sounds real to me. Show me an actor who doesn’t want more screen time and I will show you a liar.

  8. I know so far the True Blood series hasn’t followed exactly what the books say, but it has been keeping pretty close with them. I hope they continue to do so. I don’t want to see them stray too far away from the books. As far as who Sookie ends up with, I’d like to see her be with Eric for awhile and then go back to Bill for awhile, I’d love to see her torn between them. As for Eric with Sophie Ann, No WAY…They will NEVER be a big super couple like Sookie/Bill, but Sookie/Eric could be a big super couple. I like Evan Rachel okay, but Alexander/Eric is HOT, and she was with Marilyn Manson for goodness sakes. I would think he (Alexander) could do better. However, I do agree with him, I’d love to see more of him next season than we’ve been seeing. The books kind of put Bill on the back burner and I hope the TB series doesn’t do that. Possible spoiler Ahead if you haven’t read the books…………………………………………….I do hope they follow with the Bill gets kidnapped storyline and Eric helps her find him, so that her and Eric can get closer. I don’t know who she should end up with, frankly I like Bill and Eric. I don’t think that just b/c Steven and Anna are dating in real life that they should put them together on the show or keep them together just b/c of that though.

  9. By the way in the books Sophie Ann is a lesbian who dates Sookie’s cousin Hadley and was pretty much madly in love with her, so to put her with Eric is just ludicris. Although, if they do follow with the books then we should be seeing more of Sophie Ann. I guess what kind of bothers me some is that in the books Sophie Ann seems to, IDK kind of favor Sookie, she seems to like her well enough. I really don’t know how to describe it, but in the series she seems to kind of resent Sookie, they definitley have a whole different relationship than the books thus far, but I liked the way the book portrayed SA more so than the series. I love SA character though, but I say keep her a lesbian, it’s more interesting. In the books she was ruthless, but had a soft spot sort of for Sookie, I don’t see that at all thus far in the show. SA seems even more ruthless than in the books. Which I don’t like….I really hope they stick to the books, I can’t stress that enough. I mean straying a little away from them is fine, going into more details ect. but to outright change everything would not be a wise decision, I don’t think. There is a reason that everyone loves the books and has loved the show up to this point and that’s because what Charlaine Harris wrote in the book series was pure magic and to bring out CH’s story on screen was beyond magic, but if they start straying completley away from the books then what was the purpose of even using it for the show in the first place? They could of made up their own story on vampires if they wanted to stray so far away from the books. Like I said I don’t mind them enhancing the story and straying a tad away, it makes it more fun for those of us that have read the books, but at the same time to stray too far is going to turn off a lot of the avid fans of the books.

  10. For those commenters who are questioning this report: BettyConfidential stands by our source and the accuracy of the story. And we’re glad to see that there are so many True Blood fans out there!

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