True Blood Stars' Wedding Plans

True Blood co-stars Anna Paquin and Stephen Moyer are not exactly in agreement over where they will tie the knot


True Blood Stars’ Wedding Plans

True Blood co-stars Anna Paquin and Stephen Moyer are not exactly in agreement over where they will tie the knot

-Kathy Campbell

Anna Paquin and Stephen MoyerIt was love at first sight between True Blood co-stars Anna Paquin and Stephen Moyer. The two hit if off while auditioning for their roles on the HBO series more than two years ago and this month they got engaged. “They just hit it off instantly,” an on-set source tells “The chemistry between them during their audition was not only apparent to writers and producers, but to Anna and Stephen as well. Stephen is in awe of Anna and she adores him.”

“There’s no one I’d rather work with,” Stephen, 39, gushes of his bride-to-be. “I love working with her and that’s how it all started, by falling in love on camera.”

Anna PaquinThe insider reveals that the lovebirds, who live together in Venice, Calif., are planning a small wedding with family and friends next spring. “They will probably only invite some of the crew from the show and Alexander Skarsgard [who plays Eric], who Stephen is very close with, and Rutina Wesley [Tara], who Anna is close with,” says the source. “Most of their friends are from outside the show. Anna can be pretty snobbish on the set, so no one expects many cast members to be invited. Anna wants to tie the knot in Hawaii if possible, but Stephen wants it in Los Angeles. So, their plans are tentative right now.”

When Anna becomes Mrs. Moyer, she will also be taking on the role of step-mom to Stephen’s two kids, Billy, 9, and Lilac, 7. They live in London with their mother, a writer, but travel to Los Angeles to see their dad when he’s working.

Stephen MoyerDespite the distance, Stephen (pictured with Billy) is a devoted dad who agonized over taking the role because it would mean leaving his family thousands of miles away. He and Anna, 27, travel to U.K. when they are not shooting True Blood, to see the kids. And when they are at work in L.A., he chats to them via Skype.

“I bought them a computer, so I talk to them every day,” he told the Boston Herald. “It’s like they are in the room. In fact, we probably spend more time talking now than we would if I were at home. That moment has to count for us, and that’s beautiful.”
Those who’ve seen Anna (pictured with Lilac and the child’s mom, Lorien Haynes) interacting with Stephen’s kids on the set of True Blood, say that she’s a natural when it comes to mothering.

Anna Paquin“Anna’s so great with Stephen’s kids and seems to love them so much, co-star Kristin Bauer told E!Online, adding that she wouldn’t be surprised if the couple had a family of their own one day. “She seems like someone who would be very open to having kids with him.”
“The kids just love Anna,” the insider agrees. “She’s like a best friend to them. The kids have a mom and Anna’s not looking to be a replacement. They get along great and she gives the kids their space when visiting their dad. She doesn’t want any hard feelings between her and the kids. She’s fun for them. And she’s going to make a great step-mom.”

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  1. Oooh! Wasn’t Ultraviolet a TERRIFIC program? Because of that show, I quickly became a devoted fan of British science fiction and now my collection of DVDs has swollen to ridiculous proportions…ah well, I do also have True Blood on DVD, so I’m enjoying Moyer whenever I please, LOL!

  2. I am seriously obsessed with True Blood and am so happy about the characters being real-life lovers, however, the new twist on the show with Eric and Sookie is much more interesting than the union between Sookie and Bill. My opinion may be swayed by the fact that I’m in love with Eric…

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