Happily Ever After Not Just for Fairy Tales

Study says true love can last

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Happily Ever After Not Just for Fairy Tales

Study says true love can last

-The Betty Editors

Now here’s some good new amidst all those grim headlines: True love isn’t just found in fairy tales. Everlasting, passionate love is not just a fantasy, but has been, in fact, proven.

Scientists at Stony Brook University in New York found that after 20 years some people’s brains still respond with as much passion when they see their partner as couples who are in the very beginning of their relationship. In other words, they saw evidence that you don’t have to lose that loving feeling.

Britain’s Sunday Times reported the findings and noted that earlier research showed most romantic feelings begin to fade after about 15 months and disappear after 10 years. This new research blows some holes in that cynical wet blanket.

Researcher Arthur Aron told the Sunday Times that he wasn’t a believer in true love at first, and thought that the loving couples (nicknamed swans by the researchers) were just convincing themselves of something that wasn’t real: “But this is what the brain scans tell us and people can’t fake that,” Aron said.

Of course it was only 10 percent of couples who showed the long-lasting spark or “intensive companionship and sexual liveliness” as researchers called it, but still it gives us romantics hope for that endless love.

So tell us, have you found true and lasting romantic love?

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