Try Cooking Without Directions

Tired of the same old recipes? Try cooking without directions!

In the Kitchen

Cooking Without Directions?

Grown-ups can play with their food!

-Joanna Barouch

two women cookingYou love to cook and you enjoy using your cookbooks, but there comes a time when not a single recipe calls out to you. It’s time to take a walk on the wild side and enter your kitchen without a road map. You are about to tap into your inner chef!

For one who has been recipe-dependent for years or is a novice cook with little idea of how a recipe works, this can be an unsettling experience. Be calm, because good unscripted food is completely within your reach.

Your first step is to see what you have on hand. Look in the freezer for beef, chicken, vegetables or fish. Look in the refrigerator for produce and dairy, and the pantry for pasta, grains, oils, potatoes, onions, and canned goods. See what appeals to you. Next, think of the flavors you like.

Now, just what will you do with them?

You adore onions, garlic and fresh spinach, and as you gaze into your pantry and refrigerator, you see them and decide that these elements will make a tasty dish. You begin to realize it would be easy to warm up some olive oil, to add some salt for flavor, to put some peeled and cut up onions and garlic in the pan to soften, and then to add the spinach. The spinach melts and turns dark green. It suddenly occurs to you that maybe you could cook the pasta you saw in the pantry. It would taste great with the onions, garlic, and spinach! Hmmm … what about those red pepper flakes? One thought leads to another. Now, as they say, you’re cooking with gas!

Grown-ups can play with their food. Go bravely into your kitchen, unleash your imagination and create a new game!

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