Twilight: Every Man's Got a Flaw or Two

A look at the new film 'Twilight.'


Could You Love the Vampire from Twilight?

Every man’s got a flaw or two, even Edward the veggie vamp!

-Kristen J. Gough

This weekend, movie fans turned out for Twilight in record numbers. With all the hype, many men (and the handful of women who haven’t yet read the series) are wondering what’s so special about the saga. Never mind that the tale was inspired by a dream stay-at-home mom Stephenie Meyer had. And forget about the fact that every female who reads the book puts herself in the place of the saga’s klutzy heroine, Bella Swan, played by Kristen Stewart. The real draw to Twilight is Edward (Robert Pattinson onscreen), Meyer’s embodiment of the perfect guy with one tiny flaw – he’s a vampire.

As a “vegetarian,” Edward’s shunned his vampire ways to live among humans. Although he’s lived more than 100 years, he’s never found his soulmate until he spies 17-year-old Bella (sigh, here). He’s charming, impeccably dressed, wealthy, well-mannered – a kind of moral James Bond meshed with modern-day Romeo. Add to that, he churns out cheesy lines like, “And so the lion fell in love with the lamb” without sounding lame.

Bella turns down a succession of regular guys to be with the seemingly perfect Edward. But I’m wondering if Edward’s not such an ideal catch. In fact, maybe he’s just as flawed as the rest of the guys out there.

Here are some reasons he may not be the guy to bring home to meet the parents:

1. Edward wants to know where Bella is at every minute of the day. Yikes! OK, it might be nice in the beginning that he wants to know that you’re headed to Wal-Mart to buy lip gloss because that’s where you get the best price, and that you’ll be back really soon, and you promise not stop anywhere else on your way home. But the allure of being tailed 24/7 – even by your one true love – would fade pretty fast for me.

2. Even when Bella wears her best dress, Edward still looks better. When I get dressed up, it’s not that I want to outshine my man, but I’d at least like to look like a well-matched couple.

3. Edward’s brother wants to suck Bella’s blood and his sister hates her. True, everyone’s family is a bit dysfunctional – that’s what makes ‘em family. But Edward’s is downright dangerous. Maybe your guy’s family isn’t so bad!

4. Edward cooks, but doesn’t eat. No one likes to eat alone, but with vamps on a blood-only diet, you’ll be the only one with a plate in front of you on a date.

5. Edward stops hearts. Literally. He’s a veggie vamp, so he’s not into the blood suckin’ but his beauty/magnetism/wonderfulness not only makes Bella’s heart twitter, it makes her heart stop each time they kiss – a definite drawback!

6. Edward sings. Looks cool in movies, but in real life?! My man can carry a tune, but sitting around listening to him sing a solo love song to me inspires more laughter than swooning.

So Edward’s not the ideal guy, but hey, maybe, just maybe, your guy’s flaws are exactly what make him … perfect.

Writer and mom, Kristen J. Gough, has read every Twilight book and will be seeing the movie with her own perfectly flawed man this weekend.

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