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Watch out, Twitter moms are everywhere

-Stephanie Elliot

woman using a PDAWhen I first heard about the US Airways crash on the Hudson River, I didn’t read about it in a newspaper, I didn’t see it on TV, I didn’t even view it on my homepage on the ‘net. I saw it on Twitter.

And no, that’s not a message from a cute little yellow cartoon birdie trying to escape from a succotash sufferin’ sucking putty-tat, my friends.

Twitter is a social media messaging mania that is becoming one of the quickest ways to get news and information FAST and IMMEDIATE.

Like a mini-blog (or billboard), Twitter allows the messenger (you) to deliver a message of your choice to the people you choose to share the message with.

How does it work? So easy! Much like anything else these days, you create an account with a user name and password and find people you know already on Twitter. Betty’s is @BettyBuzz, so there’s your start – create your own account and go follow Betty! And you’ll soon find others to “follow.”

Twitter is really like that old commercial: You tell two friends and so on, and so on. Twitter-ers (or is it Tweeters? I’m still not too up-to-date on the lingo) can tweet messages from their Blackberries, computers, iPhones, even basic old-fashioned cell-phones not equipped with mini-texting keyboards – this I know first-hand, because I’m still living in the early 2000s on that one!

Recent “Tweets” I’ve seen have included a woman who is “setting fire to own hair” to an announcement from the Twitter-er at Today who says: Today takes on art school tomorrow, painting nude models. Sure to be entertaining.”

… Or even “water broken, riding the waves of pain, waiting to see if I can get through another hour w/o epidural,” which is what Alli Crumley – or @mrscrumley – tweeted during her labor.

The key to making your Tweets count is to convey your message in 140 characters or less, and to make it snappy enough that it garners the attention you want it to. This worked for Crumley, who was just this week featured as a Digital Mom on Today:

When a Today show staffer mentioned on the Twitter homepage that they were looking for Twitter-ers to talk about their tweeting experiences, Alli tweeted back that she planned to tweet during her labor. This got the show’s attention and landed her on the show.

Savvy digital women across the world are using Twitter to do more than just share their day-to-day experiences, even if those experiences include giving birth! They are connecting with PR companies, finding roommates for BlogHer 2009, making business deals, marketing parenting products they believe in, and creating lasting relationships with people they truly relate to. With Twitter, you can “follow” your favorite publishing companies, television programs, actors, news personalities and so much more. We’ve only just begun to touch the surface on what this social media device can do, and women – moms especially – are taking Twitter by storm!

Here are a few reasons why some Twitter users are hooked:

I can toss out a question any time of day and someone will get back to me. Better than calling my pediatrician at 3 a.m.! I’m not LONELY when I’m at home with my kids and no longer working in an office full of women.
Mommy Melee/@MommyMelee

I love connecting with not only the mammy-blogger community (and they are a WILD AND CRAZY bunch, let me tell you — follow @theBloggess if you don’t believe me) but other non-mommyTweeters — like @rainnwilson (who plays Dwight from The Office and is hilarious in real life) and @lisalacey (a food writer and blogger).  Just in the last few days I’ve debated about  our generation’s answer to Paul Newman (Brad Pitt?), contemplated the mysterious smallness of Polly Pocket shoes and followed a crazy controversy about a mom who breastfed another mom’s baby.  I mean what’s not to love?
April Daniels Hussar / @aprilhussar

Learning, learning, learning … in 140 characters (that, I have time for!). Also, knowing we are not alone with our sometimes insane thoughts.
Stacy Hower/@stacyaustintex

My husband reads my twits and then knows what sort of mood I’m in before he gets home. This can be very useful. @Tisfan

Dear Betty Confidential, What I love about Twitter: It gives me the chance to hobnob with Betty Confidential! @LaurenBaratzLogsted

The best thing about Twitter? Connecting with new people, businesses and friends on a minute by minute basis. I love knowing who’s doing what when!

Want a quick tutorial on how to get started on Twitter? Check out this slideshow on all things Twitter to learn the ropes! And if you start Tweeting, look up @BettyBuzz, and all these other great Twitter peeps (or Tweeps, as they call ‘em!) And oh yeah, don’t forget to follow me! I would love to know what you’re Tweetin’!

Stephanie Elliot is an editor for Betty, and she also answers your parenting questions at Just Another Manic Mommy. Visit her at or

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  1. I absolutely love Twitter, for both personal and professional reasons. I’ve met so many wonderful people there. If I tweet that one of my kids is sick, I immediately have a flood of sympathetic messages. As an author, Twitter really helps me to connect with people who might be interested in my books and blog giveaways. Twitter is such a simple but powerful concept…and it’s fun!

    P.S. Please follow me at

  2. needcoffee – the new Facebook has included Twitter on the home page. There’s a list over to the left with News Feed at the top and More with a drop-down arrow at the bottom. Click more and you’ll see Twitter. :)

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