Victoria's Secret: Who Are They Marketing to?

Why one woman is losing it over Victoria's Secret

I’m Losing It

Victoria Can Keep Her Secrets

Who are they marketing to, anyway?

-Stephanie Elliot

sexy womanThe other day, I was using our bathroom and I reached into the magazine rack. Come on, who doesn’t have a supply or reading material in their bathroom? Among the copies of Redbook and Writer’s Digest I found the latest Victoria’s Secret catalog.

I hadn’t put it there, so I know it must have been my husband’s “reading” material.

My husband has NEVER ordered me an item from the Victoria’s Secret catalog. He has maybe ONCE purchased me a pair of underwear from the store, and it wasn’t like they were very sexy panties either.

So, I began to flip through the catalog.


MEN! That’s who!

This is total soft porn, I tell you! You’ve got the sultry, pouty babes looking up from their canopied beds, their shoulder-length hair flowing just so over their faces; their overly ample bosoms airbrushed to perfection, their “cheeky” thongs perfectly accentuating their perfect little asses.

Do women find this attractive? Do women flip through this catalog and think “Ooh, I’ve got to get that little number?” or “That would soooo look hot on me?”

How many of you out there look THAT GOOD in lingerie like that?

How many of you out there HAVE little numbers like the ones in the Vicky catalog?

How many of you out there actually WEAR stuff like that?

How many of you out there have the TIME to gear up like that?

But then again, maybe if I had the time to gear up like that, then maybe my hubby wouldn’t be locked up in the bathroom flipping through the Vicky catalog having his own little fantasy with the cheeky airbrushed bimbo on page number 47!

Stephanie Elliot answers your parenting questions at Just Another Manic Mommy. She is also Betty’s Lit Lounge and Parenting editor. Visit her at or

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