Vote for Mean Betty's Idiot of the Week!

Who deserves the title - Russell Brand, Michelle "Bombshell” McGee, or Taylor Momsen?
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Vote for Mean Betty’s Idiot of the Week!

Who deserves the title – Russell Brand, Michelle “Bombshell” McGee, or Taylor Momsen?

-Mean Betty

Taylor Momsen

Those darling celebrities never leave us without fodder for amusement and mockery, but some weeks are better than others. Mean Betty thinks this has been one of those weeks … is there something in the water in Celebrityland?

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0 thoughts on “Vote for Mean Betty's Idiot of the Week!

  1. Taylor I-Am-So-Edgy Momsen: Blonde, blue eyed chick that is just trying to stand out in Hollywood. Paaaa-lease. “oh my knives fell out at the airport.” oh, sure they did. what a drip.

    Russell “I-Like-to-Think-I’m-a-Sex-Addict-Too” Brand: Paaaa-lease. He may have had to outsource finding a sex partner, but that is because he is so GROSS. Good grief, it would be like having sex with a dirty oil slick. I guess he thinks it’s currently fashionable to be a sex addict (gee thanks Tiger, and Rachel You-Belong-in-Hell). He needs to go back across the pond.

    Bimbo “I-Love-Being-a-Skank” McGee: There are not enough words for this idiot. Wouldn’t it be fun to get a group of peesed off women together, give them sandpaper and steel wool, and see if they could scrub off her tattoos??? THAT is some good therapy there.

    Ok, now I feel better. = )

  2. Taylor’s a rock chick, I heard some of her stuff and she’s really good. She’s also like 15. A kid.

    Russell’s an attention whore who will break KPs heart and I don’t care.

    Boobs McGee will probably win every poll she’s on for the rest of eternity as the big loser joke, and foot in the the mouth but says it anyway because she’s ignorant. Notice nobody is interviewing her, she’s still shaking her lips for spare change? All that damage and she’s just a big joke like the day before came out as a dumb whore. Ha.

  3. All of them for sure! But the Bombshell idiot is the worst. “I’d like to sit down and have lunch with her”! Get over your ugly-a$$ self, like Sandra would give you the time of day. PS: where is your child at? Mother of the year for sure!

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