We Read Sarah Palin's Book (So You Don't Have To)

What you need to know about "Going Rogue.”
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We Read Sarah Palin’s Book (So You Don’t Have To)

What you need to know about “Going Rogue.”

-The Betty Editors

 Sarah Palin's Going Rogue

Sarah Palin’s Going Rogue is going great, selling more than 700,000 copies in a week and bringing out big crowds for her cross-country book tour. At BettyConfidential we decided to read her book and give you the abbreviated version of what Sarah says about her husband, Todd, son Trig, daughter Bristol, Katie Couric, the campaign, the media and her future. Consider this your CliffsNotes — just in time for some spirited debate over the Thanksgiving dinner table.

Let’s start where she does, when everything changed: So where was Sarah when John McCain popped the question, asking her to be his vice presidential running mate? She had just left the Right to Life tent at the Alaska State Fair and was on her way with infant Trig and her daughter Piper to a hula hoop contest. “One of my Blackberrys vibrated me back to work… Please, Lord, just for an hour, anything but politics,” she prayed. No such luck. McCain asked her if she wanted “to help him change history.” But he knew her answer. Earlier she had told him when she was being vetted for the job, “I’ll do whatever I can to help my country.”

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0 thoughts on “We Read Sarah Palin's Book (So You Don't Have To)

  1. This article is exactly what’s wrong with American society today. Too many people relying on other people to tell them what they think or “need to know about” any particular subject. What child went to school and decided they didn’t like a certain subject, decided to skip the reading, get briefed by his/her friend and went into class and aced the math test? NO ONE! People, PLEASE stop letting people tell you what to think! Make up your own minds by doing your own studies on subjects you are interested in. Read on the things that are happening in this world other than celebrities and fashion. These issues will affect your day to day life! When did society decide that the boring subjects will be the ones they let others decide what they think about it? God help us all if anyone takes this article seriously!

  2. I’m sorry, Mrs. Palin, but you were running for vice-president…no matter what the campaign told you, you had to know that an interview with one of the “big three” evening anchors would be a really big deal – and you should have done your homework.

  3. Said it before…I’ll say it again…what an AWFUL woman. And she’s not necessarily “selling” all of those books… It is a well known fact that many organizations and businesses (I assume in this case very CONSERVATIVE organizations and businesses) will order THOUSANDS if of copies so that the book will “appear” to be selling well… It’s a little marketing trick…

  4. As much as the heartland of America would love to think that a nostalgic world view still includes Dorothy from Kansas, and Father Flanagan from Boys town, they are sadly mistaken.

    This current world, which apparently doesn’t affect those in isolated parts of the country is much more complicated.

    Sarah Palin is a attractive and warm character who is a pinhead it terms of her knowledge of historical world politics. She would be an embarrassment standing next to her contemporary world leaders.

    I think we learned that lesson with George Dubya. We must not repeat that mistake.

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