We Test Drive the Latest Bikini Razor/Trimmer

Carrie Seim test-drives the latest bikini razor/trimmer, the Schick Quattro TrimStyle.

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We Test Drive the Latest Bikini Razor/Trimmer

Does the TrimStyle live up to its naughty commercial?

-Carrie Seim

a woman showing off her legsA few weeks ago, I introduced you to the Schick Quattro TrimStyle bikini razor and its naughty new commercial. After the fervent response from BettyConfidential.com readers, I decided it wasn’t enough for me to talk the lady garden talk. I had to walk the lady garden walk.

Yes, it was time for me to mow my lawn. Trim my hedges. Prune my shrubs.

But to my great disappointment, I couldn’t find the elusive bikini shaver/trimmer in any of my usual haunts. And though I’m not particularly squeamish about personal grooming, I wasn’t quite ballsy enough to ask my Target cashier for an inventory check. (“Can we get a stock check on a vaginal trimmer for the lady in aisle nine?”)

Schick Quattro TrimStyle bikini razor So I clicked on over to Drugstore.com, where I found a shiny Schick just waiting for me to take home. I giddily placed my order for the TrimStyle, eager for “long lasting smooth skin” AND “easy, even trimming” – all in one little razor. I also tacked a bottle of self-tanning lotion and a pack of Cotonelle wipes to my tab. (Pretty sure I’m now on some sort of Drugstore.com watchlist.)

A few overgrown days later, UPS delivered my lady razor. Its pretty pink and green packaging promised to shave, trim and transform me.

What girl doesn’t want to be transformed for just $12.99 plus shipping?

I popped in the battery (included) and went to town on my lady landscape. (Full disclosure: I’m normally a bikini wax gal, so I could only test drive the TrimStyle on a small patch of my lawn, so as not to ruin my wax routine.) But I got a good sense of the TrimStyle’s power, handling and performance.

Here’s the good, the bad and the pretty:

The Good

– The TrimStyle’s small size and light weight made it incredibly easy to maneuver around “delicate” areas. It’s also very portable for grooming-on-the-go.

– The adjustable trim length gives you lots of options depending on how bare you dare to go.

– The razor’s four blades and soothing aloe strip gave me a very clean, very smooth shave. Although I’m not so sure about their promise to “skip a day or two.” Guess that depends on your stubble threshold.

– Combining a trimmer and a shaver into one dual-ended razor is incredibly convenient and space saving.

– The TrimStyle comes with a tiny mirror to help guide your way down below.

– For $12.99, you can’t find a cheaper solution to your personal grooming needs.

The Bad

– You’ll wish it came with volume control. The trimmer’s buzz carries a LOT of decibels. Your neighbors may wonder exactly what you’re doing in there.

– The TrimStyle’s tiny mirror is a bit too tiny for its own good. It also fogs up in the shower, rendering it useless. Here’s hoping TrimStyle 2.0 can solve that issue, because in concept, the mirror is genius.

– No matter how adorable the advertising or how pretty the packaging, the TrimStyle still involves shaving. Which means you’re forced to deal with stubble and in-grown hairs. This isn’t a complaint about this specific product so much as my own personal bias against shaving. I still prefer waxing or laser hair removal any day of the week.

The Pretty

– If you’ve never trimmed it up or shaved it down, I couldn’t think of a better way to spend $12.99. It’s an easy breezy way to get your bikini line looking fabulous in minutes. If you’re ready to shave-and-trim, the Schick TrimStyle is a must for summer.

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10 thoughts on “We Test Drive the Latest Bikini Razor/Trimmer

  1. Your hair is there for a practical purpose, to filter away lint and dirt, catch sweat, etc. And, unless yours looks like the Black Forest, a la Madonna’s as shown in an early-career full-crotch shot on auction last week, it’s also an adornment. Regular washing does away with odor worries, so why all this shaving and waxing? What’s next, “circumcising”? This is hardly pretty (stubble?) or safe (pruning?`); it’s something American men prefer that puts you at risk.

  2. i am very tempted by this!! And Bryon1, there’s nothing wrong with ‘cleaning up’ or shaving it completely off, if that’s what makes you happy. Who says women shave it all off just for their man? I keep mine trimmed (sometimes, I’m lazy) because that’s how I like it.

  3. I’m definitely tempted to give this a try. I shave “down there”, not just for my boyfriend but also for myself. Plus, he maintains the same “trimmed lawn” as I do, so this product could come in handy for both of us. Although, I doubt he’d appreciate the pretty pink and green packaging.

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