We Watched the Hudson River Plane Crash

Witnesses describe the terror of witnessing the Hudson River crash
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We Watched the Hudson River Plane Crash

Witnesses describe the terror of witnessing a helicopter and small plane colliding over the skies of New York City

-Carrie Seim

Hudson River plane crashGreg and Rose Duck couldn’t have dreamed of a more exquisite day for their first visit to New York City. The couple, from Brisbane, Australia, took advantage of Saturday’s sun-drenched beauty to book a sightseeing Circle Line cruise to the Statue of Liberty.

“We just had to see the pretty lady,” Greg Duck told BettyConfidential.com. He even brought a video camera to film their happy excursion.

But as the Ducks steamed along the Hudson River back toward Lower Manhattan, their day of playful cruising turned into an afternoon of horror. (Watch the raw video of the crash at the New York Post.)

“Suddenly I hear someone shout ‘That’s a plane crashing!‘” Greg said. “We saw something fly off the plane – it appeared to be a white wing.”

“We saw this huge splash hit the water,” he said. “This is going to sound strange, but for one brief moment, I thought it was a whale flopping on top of the water – that was the slapping sound it made.”

But what Greg saw wasn’t a whale breeching. It was the fatal crash of a small private plane and a tourist helicopter over the Hudson River – a crash that killed all nine people aboard the aircraft.

“It appears that this was not survivable,” New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg said during a press conference Saturday. “This is not going to have a happy ending.”

Indeed, the crash is a tragic testament to the fragility of life and the fleetingness of even the merriest of days. The occupants of both the plane (a single-engine Piper) and the helicopter (flown by Liberty Helicopter Tours) had presumably set off for light-hearted adventures, reminiscent of so many of our own summer vacation plans.

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  1. It really was frightening. When I first heard I thought maybe there was another miracle landing, but I was sadly mistaken. What I can’t get over, is that with another crash happening just months prior, how were flight coordinators not monitoring the area?

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