We're Soon to Be Oceans Apart

A woman seeks advice about how to deal with an impending long-distance relationship.


Soon to Be Oceans Apart

Dear ASK REAL GUYS: My boyfriend and I have been dating for a little over a year now. Next fall, however, I will be transferring to Germany to study abroad. Even though we know this has been coming for awhile, he is still worried about our relationship. He loves me so much and I want him to know that although I’m having my own adventures, I will still love him. What should I do?

Avery: You need to be honest with your boyfriend and tell him how much he means to you and that having fun while you are abroad does not include forgetting about him and/or ending the relationship. BUT – if “having your own adventures” includes meeting and dating other guys, then you should tell your boyfriend so that he’s prepared for that. If you care for him as he cares for you, being honest will avoid a lot of unnecessary hurting.

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