Wear Red on Your Next Date

The color red attracts men.

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Lady in Red … Is Sleeping with Me

Why you should wear red on your next date

-Carrie Seim

Rihanna and Elizabeth BanksWant to turn a few heads? Throw on a sexy dress. Want to wind up in some guy’s bed? Make sure that dress is red.

According to several studies reported in Scientific American, men are more sexually aroused by ladies in red than in any other color.

So what is it about the rouge hue that gets men so hot?

The short answer is that scientists aren’t so sure. It could have to do with all that red lingerie being shoved down our throats for Valentine’s Day, says study author Andrew Elliot, a professor quoted in the article. (Pat on the back, Victoria’s Secret marketing team.)

Or it may be an evolutionary response. Cue Discovery Channel footage of female primates flaunting their rosy red rear ends to potential partners to indicate peak fertility.

Either way, Elliot says he’s convinced of the color correlation. “I’m not going to let my 16-year-old daughter wear red, let’s put it that way,” he says in the article.

Michelle ObamaThe studies also note that red-clad women don’t rate as more likeable or intelligent than ladies wearing other colors. Just plain sexier.

Perhaps Michelle Obama was trying to woo a few undecided male voters with her red-and-black Rodriguez gown Tuesday night. Unfortunately, she also illustrated the one caveat to the red rule: the dress actually has to be attractive on your body. But you still get our sexy vote, Michelle.

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