Week in Review: From Octomom to Brangelina

The week in Review: From Octomom, to Brangelina

Mean Betty

Week in Review:

From Octomom to Brad’s Nannygate

-Mean Betty

My, my – what a week. Where to start?

Nadya Suleman

Surely you all heard that the first wave of octuplet twins was released into the wild sent home with their mother. Noah and Isaiah, each weighing in at about 5 pounds, got their first taste of life with the paparazzi on Tuesday. We’re waiting with bated breath to see how things go. Hopefully Mean Betty doesn’t have to worry now that their self-appointed guardian angel Dr. Phil hovers over – at least as long as Octomom keeps up her ratings magic.

Brazilian Wax Ban?
Never fear, Mean Betty is not going to share any personal grooming details. Perish the thought. But you might like to know that the state of New Jersey (of all places) is considering a ban on baldness of a certain kind. Two women were recently hospitalized after catching nasty infections from said procedure; one of them was enterprising enough to file a lawsuit. (Mean Betty can just imagine the transcript of that court session.) Ergo, the NJ State Board of Cosmetology and Hairstyling is “moving toward a ban on genital waxing.” Apparently there hasn’t been a ban before because of some anatomical confusion. Jeff Lamm, a spokesman for New Jersey’s Division of Consumer Affairs, helpfully points out: “The genital area is not part of the abdomen or legs as some might assume.” Well that certainly explains a lot. Better stock up on home kits, Jersey girls. Shore season approaches.

Brad and the Nanny
You must agree – quite the most amusing bit of gossip Mean Betty has heard in a long time: Angelina slaps Brad and fires the nanny! Sigh … if only it didn’t come from Star magazine, which “reports” that Mother Teresa Angelina Jolie walked in on Brad giving their attractive young nanny a backrub in the nursery whilst the twins slumbered innocently. It’s hard to picture exactly who the source was – perhaps the Jolie-Pitt twins have Star mag on their speed dial? Regardless, Mean Betty is sure Jennifer Aniston got the biggest snicker of us all out of this one.

Speaking of Illicit Affairs
Did Mean Betty hear correctly – all-American Leanne Rimes is having an affair? Surely you jest. That innocent little pug face? Well, that’s one way to get back into the spotlight.

Until next week, pets.

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  1. The only reason anyone cares about this idiot is because the press is all over it like a cheap suit. And the ban is goofy, people will just go to another state and have it done.

  2. I think that the Media is so disgusting in this whole case. How would any of you like it if people just start making things up about you? remember you could be here someday with your own story.. and as I know life the mean evil spirited get what they have coming to them, Nadya is the loving one in all this, I have never seen her ugly, she was even nice to gloria allred, who herself is a baby killer, (look it up online about GLORIA ALLRED.. her life bio.. but she can say to a mother who decided to have all 8 babies and not kill one of them.. Gloria Allred is the one who should be in the headlines as a nutcase as far as I am concerned…and the nurses should, well I will be nice, but when you look at there website and click on links and she that it is all about adoptions, then to me it is obvious what these b’s were up too. I can see it now california lawyers go and start taking kids away and adopt them out, make money.. god this is just sickening to me.. Think about all of this people what you are doing. you are your own kids could be in a similar situation..

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