The Bettys Weigh In on WW Golden Sponge Cakes!

This is article is about the Betty team weighing-in on WW sponge cakes.

Betty Panel Review

The Bettys Weigh in on Weight Watchers
Golden Sponge Cakes

The skinny on these light treats

-The Bettys

WW Golden Sponge CakesWhen we heard about the Twinkie-like Golden Sponge Cakes with Creamy Filling from Weight Watchers, we wondered if they could be too good to be true. Could there really be a kin to the classic junk food staple that isn’t all that junky? One Twinkie has 150 calories and five grams of fat while the WW cake has just 80 calorie and three grams of fat. Six of our Betty product review panelists partook in a taste test. Here’s what they had to say:


OK, I just ATE TWO WW TWINKIE CAKES THAT ROCKED! As a lifelong WW member (who was at goal just a month ago and still struggling through the end of summer), these suckers ROCK! My son snagged one and devoured it so I had to hide the rest. I’ve also tried the lemon and chocolate ones in the past, and those are great too! I like to freeze them so they last longer and so the kids can’t find ‘em! These seriously tasted just like a Twinkie! I only wish they were bigger, but that’s the whole point of Weight Watchers – everything in moderation! Betty-o-Meter rating: 4.


A pretty good substitute for a snack-time favorite. I’ve always been a Twinkies fan, and I searched high and low for the low-fat variety throughout my pregnancy. Of course I come across the Weight Watchers version just two weeks before my due date, but at least I got to quell my craving before the baby came. At first I was dismayed at the small size (compared to the real deal), but after a few bites I was honestly satisfied. The taste was similar to that of my beloved Twinkies, but there was a tinge of chemical-y flavor and as a waistline-friendly snack the greasy residue was a little disconcerting. But all and all, Weight Watchers Golden Sponge Cake with Creamy Filling was a sweet treat, and a snack I’d consider buying when I start trying to lose the baby weight. Betty-o-Meter rating: 4.


Before I attacked one of those little bite-sized cake snacks, I wasn’t a big fan of Weight Watchers whatsoever! But, after seeing how tiny they were and then having them literally melt in my mouth, I was hooked. The sponge cake was quite moist and the creamy filling was superbly light and fluffy. This little snack can go great with fresh fruit or stand alone – either way, it’s a winner in my book! Betty-o-Meter rating: 4.


My husband and son were big fans of these little cakes. My husband said they tasted just like the real thing. Maybe it’s because I’m not even a fan of the real thing, but these just weren’t MY thing. They tasted OK, but I swear they made my tongue kind of tingle in a strange way. If you’re watching calories and need a little sweet treat, these could probably do the trick … if you don’t mind a tingly tongue. Betty-o-Meter rating: 2.5.


I have to confess, this kind of thing is not in my usual food repertoire. I generally prefer to eat “real” food and just cut out treats if I’m dieting, rather than eat “fake” food filled with mysterious chemicals. So I’m definitely not the target audience here. That being said, they were surprisingly tasty and satisfying (maybe because I always ate two at once?), though there was an odd aftertaste that sort of made my tongue tingle. For reals. Did that stop me from eating the entire box? NO! Betty-o-Meter rating: 2.


Who knew keeping off the “poundage” could taste so good?! I hadn’t had an actual Twinkie in AGES so I popped out to the store last night to pick up a pack in order to do a taste-test comparison. Boy is the Weight Watchers cake light-years ahead of the Twinkie! Not only does the frosting in the WW snack taste like real frosting, but the sponge cake itself is fluffier and practically dissolves in your mouth. I would definitely recommend this tasty treat; just beware of the overwhelming desire to eat more than one! Betty-o-Meter rating: 4.

Betty’s Bottom Line: Overall the Bettys say Weight Watchers Golden Sponge Cakes with Creamy Filling are as good, if not better, than the real thing – with the added bonus of being better for your waistline. Downside: A few reported a tingly tongue after eating them, and others said it’s hard to stop at just one!

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