Weight Loss After Baby

Trying to lose weight after a baby

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Weight Loss After Baby

Let the shedding begin

-Julie Ryan Evans

Each morning I approach the scale with a groggy, but optimistic step. I wait for it to calculate my weight, look down and stare in shock at the number staring back at me.

I know, I know, I just had a baby three months ago, but the numbers, they aren’t a budging. And I’m starting to panic.

When I got pregnant, I was in such a good place with my fitness and my weight. I was running regularly, getting ready to train for a marathon and my “skinny” jeans were getting baggy. Then came the nausea, the fatigue and the incredible, insatiable NEED for sugar … and Chipotle.

For the most part I kept it pretty healthy, but I didn’t deny myself at all. I ate to feed the baby AND my cravings. I figured as long as I got the healthy stuff in, I’d deal with the rest of it later.

Well, later is here, and deal with it I must.

I gained about 35 pounds, which my doctor was fine with. I had a healthy baby girl, and all of those pounds were worth it.

BUT, I just assumed that once the baby was born, the pounds would begin dropping. And they did for a while … then they just stopped. And 12 extra ones seem to have their sight set on taking up permanent residence on my thighs. Twelve pounds may not sound like that much, but on my 5 foot 4-ish frame, it’s A LOT! Trust me.

These are not MY thighs. This is not MY stomach. My ass does not look like this … only it does. People always complain about how much harder it is to lose weight as you get older or have a second child. I just kind of assumed they were lazy–and the thought karma is coming back to bite me in said ass. Hard!

It’s not that I’ve always been in fabulous shape, it’s just that if I wanted to be, I could get there. I just needed the motivation to do it, and then my body would happily oblige. Finding that motivation could be a problem for sure, but fitness was mine for the taking.

Now I have more motivation than I’ve ever had in my life, but my body is just sitting there staring dumbly at my efforts.

I’m eating well; I’m running again, and the numbers … and pounds … are just stuck. And yes, I’ve replaced the batteries in my scale … at least once.

I know what you’re thinking–give yourself a break; it will take time; nine months on, nine months off. Thank you, really … but I just want my old body back NOW. And it doesn’t help that every Hollywood actress is baring a bikini mere minutes after giving birth.

As I struggle with my weight and thoughts like this, I realize that while this pregnancy may have forever changed my body, the birth of daughter has forever changed the way I must approach food and fitness.

As I keep up the recommended constant flow of chatter going with her all day, already I’m having to censor myself and banish from my lips things like, “Mommy can’t eat that or she’ll be huge forever.” Or “OMG, my jeans are so tight, I’m not eating for a week.” or “I’m so f-ing fat”–OK, the last one for a couple of reasons. Because I know what I say and do about my weight is going to get passed on to and imitated by her.

So I’m stopping myself from trying any fad diets, researching herbal weight-loss treatments (sooo tempting, though) or even worse, just getting frustrated and giving up. Instead, I’m setting realistic fitness goals–I signed up to run the Marine Corps Marathon in D.C. in October, and also agreed to run a leg of a 200-mile relay race across part of Florida with a group of women in November–and I’m trying to eat healthy, whole foods. Also, I’m doing what I can to try not to groan when I pass by a mirror or look at the Easter pictures taken this weekend … at least audibly.

I’ll let you know how it goes.

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0 thoughts on “Weight Loss After Baby

  1. I”m not really thinking “give yourself a break” I’m thinking you sound pretty full of yourself. 12 pounds and you act like you’re a cow. Give me a break. Those women in hollywood have personal trainers, personal chefs, and a camera pointed at them 24/7 so their job is to look good. I think you should worry less about your thighs and more about being a good mother.

  2. WOW amy_won — since when is caring about one’s self mutually exclusive from being a good mother??! You sound like someone who’s given up on her own body and is jealous of another woman who refuses to do the same. Good for you Julie — you have to take care of yourself to be a good mother — and you’re setting the right example for BOTH your kids!

  3. how is she setting a good example for her kids by thinking “I’m so f–ng fat” by being 12 pounds overweight? I laud that she is concerned about not saying these things in front of her daughter, but her daughter will pick up on them.

    I think this article makes her sound whiny and selfish. I struggle with anorexia and to me 12 pounds is a lot, but that’s my mental thought, which is irrational, not reality.

    They ARE your thighs and they ARE your stomach. You just had a kid for christ’s sake. I understand the frustration at this 12 pounds when you’re trying, but your article just uses language that sounds grounded in whiny new york/LA b*tchiness

  4. totally understand the feeling!! It has been 10 months since I gave birth and I am still far from my pre-baby weight. Unlike what others are saying.. Breast feeding did not help at all either. I hated taking photos before I got pregnant because I always thinks that I look awful and fat… A baby later… I found my new benchmark for fat. HOWEVER, I am totally in love with my son, I love life more than ever and I care less about how I look! Good luck and hope we can all slim back to what we once were!

  5. After I had my son, those last 10 pounds took forever to take off. I found that walking around with the baby strapped to a baby bjorn helped to take off some weight. Also, if you’re still nursing, I think your body fights to keep a few pounds around to make sure you have enough reserves to feed the baby. I noticed those last few pounds came off when I stopped nursing. Good luck, Julie, I know it can be frustrating.

  6. I think I must have every diet book known to man and have tried them all. I have even been to a nutrionist and still, can’t get the flab off, I now jump rope 800 times a day, seems to be working, along with a diet.

  7. Thanks for all the supportive comments, and for those who think I’m whining, you’re right. I am, but I’m OK with that. And if it makes you feel any better, 12 pounds is just to get to my pre-pregnancy weight, there are at least 5 or 10 more that should go after that. Is it more acceptable to be upset by an extra 20 pounds?

  8. Julie, I just saw your “after birth” photo on your blog–if you lost 20 pounds, you’d be waaaay too thin. Seems like you’re doing just fine, you look great. We are always our own worst critics. : )

  9. When I was pregnant I gained about 35 pounds too.it took me 2 years to get in shape.Now I pregnant again and I happy and don’t think about losing baby weight and gaining too.

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