What I Like (and Hate) About Sarah Palin

There's so much to hate about Sarah Palin ... why do I find myself admiring her?
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Sarah Palin

I hate how she takes every opportunity to lambaste the “mainstream liberal media” (Sarah, I think it’s called fact checking, not “opposition research.”), but damned if I didn’t applaud her mama bear approach to ripping into David Letterman for his nasty jokes about her daughter. Yeah, yeah I know David was talking about Bristol, not Bristol’s younger sister, but either way I’d have wanted to scratch his eyes out, too. There’s no such thing as below the belt when it comes to our babies.

And yes, I truly respect how she is able to accomplish so much and be a mother of five. Frankly, I’m a bit in awe.

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It makes me tear my hair out when I hear Sarah spouting her “death panel” nonsense. But, at the same time, I can’t help but admire how she is able to weather the continuous, venomous criticism that is directed her way. I have trepidations about putting my own name on this very article, knowing how rabid both lovers and haters of Sarah Palin get. Meanwhile, she takes hits all day and every day, and still she stays true to herself.

Which brings me, finally, to the thing I (begrudgingly) admire most about her. Sarah Palin believes in herself. To be sure – I think a lot of the stuff she believes, and espouses, is, what’s the word, whack – but as a model of the power of ambition, self-confidence, and plain old dreams … well, Sarah Palin sets an example.

Oh Sarah – if only you weren’t a creationist conservative zealot. You’d be my hero.

Would I vote for her?

No way in hell.

Would I like to take my daughter to meet her? You betcha.

April Daniels Hussar is BettyConfidential’s Deputy Editor.

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0 thoughts on “What I Like (and Hate) About Sarah Palin

  1. I love this article – finally a moderate discussion about Sarah Palin! Thanks for taking the time to consider specific things you like and do not like about her, rather than either fawning over her or trying to cut her down. Awesome!

  2. A great article indeed! Finally someone with enough guts to be honest. I absolutely, positively, 100% LOATHE Obama and pretty much everything he stands for. But, he has a couple qualities that I do admire. I did not, and never would vote for him, but I respect his position.

  3. I bet so many women feel this way. While many people – women specifically – may not agree with all that Sarah Palin represents, you can’t help but to admire her. It is the classic story of small town girl who made it BIG time that so many women admire -all while raising a family too!

  4. Not this woman… I abhor her… Seriously. Apart from being a seemingly pretty good mother…there is NOTHING that I like about her. I have relatives in Alaska, and they have said the same thing since before she was elected Governor… ick!

  5. It is extremely refreshing to see an article that fairly discusses Sarah Palin. Whether or not one agrees with her views, I’m sick of hearing people rip her apart and try to make her appear stupid. Not every politician is treated this way. I’m new to this site and just joined because of this article. Thank you!

  6. I’m not sure I agree that Sarah Palin gets ripped apart more than other politicians. While I do think female politicians in general are viewed & treated differently than males, I don’t think Palin has been a special case. Every politician gets criticized by people who don’t like them. I mean, I’ve seen multiple Republicans compare Obama to Hitler, completely seriously. As far as I know, Sarah Palin has never been accused of any similarities to a genocidal dictator, so there’s at least one male Democrat who’s suffered far worse criticism from his detractors than Palin has from hers. I’ll take being called stupid over being called a Nazi any day.

  7. (Oh, and just for the record, I’m neither an Obama fan nor a Palin fan. I do recognize that they both have redeeming qualities, though, so I appreciate that the writer of this article was able to recognize the good in Sarah Palin despite disagreeing with her politics. It would be great if more conversatives, liberals, and independents alike could separate the politics from the person like that.)

  8. I think this article could use some fact checking… Levi says Sarah put most of the weight of raising her other children on Bristol. This is not good parenting in my book. She is also reported to have failed to tell her husband about her pregnancy for several months. Doesn’t this sound more like denial than courage?

  9. “She is also reported to have failed to tell her husband about her pregnancy for several months. Doesn’t this sound more like denial than courage?” meliaarht — I don’t think you can judge anyone in a situation like that. It must have been scary and difficult — it’s not for us to judge something personal like that. judge her for the idiotic things she says about Obama’s health care plan — but hands off her personal choices about her baby, her body, and her relationship with her husband!

  10. Finally someone to write an honest article! Seeing the good in this woman and also the honesty of the writer of this article. Sarah Palin is a woman to admire for her fearless living if nothing else. Why would we not vote for her? She has far more real experience running her State than our President. I find it rather interesting how women will snarf on one another especially if they are strong, self directed, able bodied and last but certainly not least physically attractive. The more beautiful the louder the snarfing gets! “Levi say’s” from Meliaarhrt is laughable. Taking anything he says as gospel is as funny as watching the alphabet news and actually believing it. She walks the walk and to many who just talk this is frightening.

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