What's Your Diet Personality?

The answer can help you find the perfect weight-loss plan
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What’s Your Diet Personality?

 The answer can help you find the perfect weight-loss plan

-Heather K. Jones, R.D.

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Our personality affects everything about us – the men we’re attracted to, the friends we choose, the clothes we love. What’s less well known is that our personality also determines why some diet approaches work for us, while others fail. So don’t blame your metabolism, your genetics, or your love of pasta. You simply can’t succeed at a specific method of weight loss if your personality isn’t in sync with it.

My book, What’s Your Diet Type? (Hatherleigh Press), reveals that knowing who you are is the most important information you can have when it comes to losing weight – permanently. And while you can’t change your personality, you can change your weight-loss strategy.

Here, the different types of dieters – and how to adjust your approach to fit your character…

The Diet Planner

I take my responsibilities seriously.
I’m organized and hard working.

Sound like you? Then you must be a Diet Planner! The Diet Planner relies on rules to guide her life. When it comes to her health, she’s organized and thrives on weight-loss plans that offer structure. Because a Diet Planner takes her responsibilities seriously, when life throws her a curveball, she neglects her own health needs so she can get everything else done. Stressed, she starts eating out of character and is transformed from a sensible dieter to an eat-anything-for-comfort gorger.

The solution: Keep weight-management goals a top priority and develop an organized approach: For example, the Diet Planner can keep a list of the calories she consumes each day.

The Diet Player

I seek fun, variety and excitement.
I am resourceful.

If this rings any bells, chances are you’re a Diet Player. Flexible and adaptable, the Diet Player loves living in the moment. As for losing weight and changing her eating habits, she values her freedom and flexibility above everything else. She doesn’t like to be burdened by strict diet rules and regulations.

The solution: The Diet Player needs to develop strategies that she can switch to at her whim, whether that’s planning healthy snacks, eating several small meals or trying exotic, healthy foods.

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