What Makes a Guy Want to Kiss You?

The subtle and not-so-subtle things that trigger a man's urge to lock lips.
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What Makes a Guy Want to Kiss You?

The subtle and not-so-subtle things that trigger a man’s urge to lock lips.

-Justin DeMarco

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Living with my sister and her boyfriend of nearly ten years, William, I’ve seen (and unfortunately, heard) just about every type of kiss in the book between them. William, a 28-year-old artist and student, definitely gets high marks for having an arsenal of appropriate kisses for every situation, but what is it that triggers that “I need to kiss her now” urge? When I asked him, he had to admit that he really hadn’t thought much about it. So to make our “Three’s Company” living situation even more awkward, each time I saw him kiss my sister, I asked what made him want to do it at that precise moment.

“It’s an irresistible urge,” he says. “I see her lips and I want to kiss them. It’s instinct. I don’t think before I act, unless I’m in front of your parents. Besides, by the one-thousandth kiss, you know all the fun things you both enjoy,” he continues. “It’s nice when they’re familiar lips that you’re comfortable kissing. It’s more emotional and satisfying.”

After I fought the urge to throw up – OK, yes, I asked, but still, it’s my sister he’s talking about! – I decided to branch out and ask some other dudes who aren’t in marathon-length relationships what makes them want to kiss someone.

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“I want to kiss every girl I see,” says Ben, “The Make-Out Mayor,” a 27-year-old teacher with an extensive kissing resume. “It’s fun and I like to do it. But, it’s even more fun when there are real emotions involved.”

Keith, a 31-year-old construction worker, says he makes sure to kiss his girlfriend of three months when he goes out with her so other guys know she’s with him. “I hate to say I’m marking my territory, but I just want to let everyone know we’re together,” he says. “I also kiss her to give her attention when I’m with my friends so she knows I’m thinking about her, too.”

After just a few of these conversations, one thing becomes clear: It’s often a woman’s idiosyncrasies – the way she bites her lower lip when she’s feeling vulnerable, snorts and wrinkles her nose when she’s laughing way too hard, or just flat-out looks sexy in the new lingerie she picked up – that can cause a guy to become overwhelmed with emotion and feel the urge to give her a gentle kiss on the forehead or start a passionate kissing session, the way the French intended. However, most men admit that in order to go there, there has to be some physical attraction and a strong connection.

“If a girl has a pretty face, nice lips and smiles a lot, I want to kiss her,” says Phil, a 36-year-old electrician.

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17 thoughts on “What Makes a Guy Want to Kiss You?

  1. what makes me want to kiss my man?
    jean paul gaultier cologne for homme…fresh shave…saying goodbye, hello, thank you, good night, good morning, i love u, clean teeth, being in the mood!

  2. My husband only gives pecks instead of kisses, which obviously do nothing for me. He says it is how his parents kissed. My parents did, too, but we are all grown up now (in our early 60’s) and I need a real kiss. I tell him that a real kiss is what I need, not just want. I want a full blown, long, meaningful kiss from the guy I love and married nine years ago. Is that too much to ask?

  3. The cleanness of the mouth en teeth makes me feel can kiss 24hrs,and wen i truely in love with him .
    And i guess the feelings of kissing comes due to the bond of love u have to each other en how strong it is( the much lov u have for uo partner)

  4. mmm, ‘what make me want to kiss a man’ is full lips, skinny ones don’t seem to have as much passion involved. Nice teeth…if they’re taken care of so is the rest of him. I like facial hair, (it’s so Clark Gable in G’one With the Wind’), a moustache/goatee kept soft and clean is essential. Dont want to ever kiss a ‘mountain man’, all hairy and scary.

    Article was fun, I empathize with the author, I’m subjected to mushy, noisy good-bye smooches from my BFF and her hubby every Monday and Friday. They’re so crazy! :-)

  5. What makes me want to kiss my boyfriend? There’s quite a list. Anytime from when he does something that brings tears to my eyes all the way to when he’s playing video games and almost completely lost to this world. But a couple major moments like when we’re having a conversation and making lots of eye contact. Or when we’ve been with people all day and at the moment we realize we’re alone finally.

  6. #7 My husband is 76 and I’m 60. When we met two years ago, he kissed me unexpectly. But boy what a kiss! It made me want to come back for more. He is the best kisser I have ever known! I’ve asked him did they give kissing lessons at his school way back when as I’ve never known anyone who could like him! Maybe it comes with age and experience. Love it.

  7. Great/cute article!

    What makes me want to kiss my wonderful man? Wow, honestly there are so many reasons. Not in any particular order but here are a few and I do mean ONLY a few…
    -When he gets that mischievous look on his face
    -When he smiles and either I notice his cute dimple OR he points it out. When he points it out its like he is just asking for it.
    -When he does things like squeeze my hand while enjoying a ride on his motorcycle or during a movie.
    -When he has something for me to put in my truck or room in case of an emergency. He is really thoughtful AND prepared.
    -When he comes to my rescue and actually enjoys it and it shows on his face.
    -When he is enjoying something he is eating (want to taste how/what he is tasting I guess)
    -When he smiles
    -When he is teasing me
    -When he tells me what he is going to do to me :)~
    -When he tells me “OMG I love your butt” I gotta reward that and a kiss is but a mere start!
    -When he has a headache
    -But the one thing he does that can mesmerize and drive me nuts is when he eats peanut M&M’s. His mouth moves in such ways as he savors that darn little colored piece of candy that I WISH I was an everlasting M&M and enjoying him right back.

    I was in a long relationship with a man who never kissed me open mouth. I felt so deprived and depressed and wondered what it was I either did wrong or should be aware of that made him not want to kiss me. Kissing is such an intimate part of a relationship and it can have so many different meanings or reasons behind it. Who can live without them? I sure never want to again.

    The soft kiss is gentle and caring. The hot passionate ones, well they just curl toes. And it is so awesome having a man who kisses me and makes me feel special and important and enjoys time with me because of who/what I am.

    So while you may be gagging over your sister and her BF (I truly feel your pain!) look at it from their point and how lucky they are to have that special person to share those wonderful kisses with and how much better life is with kisses.
    Kiss away and live happy life, I highly recommend it.

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