What Men Notice First About A Woman

We asked real guys to dish on what attracts them to a gal they just met. The answers will definitely surprise you.
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What Men Notice First About A Woman

We asked real guys to dish on what attracts them to a gal they just met. The answers will definitely surprise you.

-Faye Brennan

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Getting ready to go out at night would be a lot less time-consuming if we only knew what makes guys go weak in the knees when they first spot a girl. Do they look for nice smiles? Then we’ll stock up on teeth whitening strips and throw on some deep red lipstick. Are they drawn to women with hot bodies? OK, in that case we’ll just pick out a tighter dress or lower-cut top.

Somehow, we have a pretty good idea that it’s not that simple. So in the interest of helping women everywhere, we’ve taken matters into our own hands and asked relationship experts and regular guys: What do you notice first about a woman?

According to Dr. Paul Dobransky, a psychologist, relationship expert and author of The Secret Psychology of How We Fall in Love (Plume), “In the first five minutes of meeting someone, it’s generally physical beauty that attracts men. That’s actually the very first step of courtship for them.” As he explains, this doesn’t mean all guys are after supermodel-type good looks. Instead, he’s referring to the fact that every man has his own individual taste in women, physically. Bottom line: In those crucial first moments, “It’s not about personality, intellect, career or any other crucial things that make up a relationship. At first, it’s just sex appeal,” he says.

Jordan Murphy, host of VH1’s hit show, Tool Academy, agrees. “If a man is at a bar and he’s just met a woman,” he says, “he’ll notice her body — all of it, from head to toe. We’re visual beings and a pretty image gets our attention and gets us moving forward with the conversation. Men love what they see — the curves — but more importantly, they love the thought or fantasy of what’s hidden.”

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So, what makes real men want to take a second look? The most popular answer might surprise you:

“The first thing I notice about a woman is her face. If she isn’t pretty, then I won’t talk to her. But if she has a pretty face, I will start a conversation.” – Joey, 22

“I always notice a girl’s style first. I check out how she carries herself, how she walks, and what kind of vibe I get from her.” – John, 23

“I notice her hair and feet, especially if she’s wearing open-toe sandals. How a woman’s hair and feet look tells me how much she takes care of herself.” – Derrick, 39

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0 thoughts on “What Men Notice First About A Woman

  1. Maybe it’s because it’s the most obvious thing about a woman! Followed by how she dresses, how pretty her face is and how complimentary (undistracting) her make-up is. [order dependent on circumstance.] And yes breast size comes in there somewhere. But that’s just initial impressions – I always feel like that can all be overcome (or undone) by the conversation/chemistry.
    If there’s sex appeal, but no real chemistry, maybe give it another shot. If there’s chemistry, but the appeal is lacking then that presents more of a dilemma. Best case is to have a friend tell her friend to tell her or help her to spruce it up next time – if there’s enough potential to be a next time.

  2. Long hair is something that women have control over. When I see women with short hair it is an IMMEDIATE TURN OFf. It communicates to me that she could care less what men thing. All of the magazines feature women with long hair, it is the essence of feminity. Short hair indicates to me that if I undress a woman she will be wearing white cotton panties and a dull utiltarian bra. Men are visual creatures

  3. @marriagecoach1

    WHERE have you been? Women with short are the business!!!! You definitely need to get out more.

    Women know men are visual people, that is why women with SHORT hair take care of themselves. Long hair mean you are lazy and don’t want to do ANYTHING.

    Short is mean that you care what you look like because it takes A LOT to maintain that look. Women with long hair ALWAYS have a ponytail!


  4. I agree about the Long Hair! I had super long sexy blond locks untill a fellow student chopped off my hair and dyed it dark brown. I hate IT and I am so not cutting my hair ever short again. Thank Goodness hair grows…

  5. I have short hair and own stock in Victoria Secret…I wear tongs and my bra and panties always match…so marriagecoach needs to be coached…short hair women are sassy and know what they want….very passinate and lovin…if it’s the right guy…

  6. @princesspr

    sorry…but short hair on women will rarely catch my eye unless she’s petite and has cute soft features like Winona Ryder or Natalie Portman. Outside of them…it’s all about the long hair.

    every boy wants to have a pony ride!

  7. I have very long hair and I am less than lazy, trust me. My hair is rarely in a ponytail. Rude comments are very assumtive, and while I have nothing against women with short hair, it’s just not for me.
    I take great care of myself and my husband loves my hair. All my guy friends love the femininity of shiny, well-kept, long hair like mine. It’s a matter of preference.

  8. ROFLMAO! Here’s what I’ve learned: Forget OTT “high maintenance.” What attracts men the most? Money; Success; Intellect; Joie de vivre; A beautiful personality that radiates from within regardless of what you look like; The make and model of your car; Your own home: Equity. Ladies acquire your OWN STUFF first; then you’ll have to beat the Cinderfellas with a stick to keep them back. Be inaccessible. I note that some of the men surveyed are 22, 23. LOL! They’re BABIES! They haven’t lived yet! They really don’t know what they want, and they’re liars if they say they do, and they’re not ready to settle down. At that age all they want is a disposable booty-call. Some men NEVER grow out of that stage. Can you say “immature?” They don’t know WHAT to look for in a woman – beyond the superficial. And what, besides their looks do they (can they) bring to the table? Can they do something besides hold a martini? There’s nothing more attractive to men, than a woman who doesn’t need them or their approval – and they know that. They’ll never admit that; but they know it – and true to form, they always behave like it. It’s our mystery that fascinates them, and makes them want to know more and explore who we ARE. Ergo, our indifference (feigned or not), is what irritates the hell out of them. Some of them even turn into snivelling idiots. Even IF you like what you see and what you hear, don’t have a “firesale” in his honor so fast. Hone your discernment and cognitive skills. Be able to size them up whether they’re worth your precious time and effort or not. Make them work to see you. Make them woo you. It used to be that they strove to make themselves worthy of us – not the other way around. If you have internal, spiritual as well as material assets you will be sought after. You may be just what the other man has been looking for. Yes, love yourself – by all means, go – get the facials, salon visits, pedicures, manicures -do all of that. But also cultivate inner love, your self-esteem – and take care of BUSINESS. Be in control of YOUR destiny.

  9. I think that women should maintain their hair to THEIR liking, not what men necessarily want. Sometimes, men do not realize that short hair can be as attractive, or even hotter than long hair. It’s all about the cut and style and it being flattering to not only your appearance but also to your life style. When my hair was long it took 2 hours to style… yeah once you get into a relationship with a guy they would rather you not spend 2 hours on your hair… I cut mine short and I get a gazillion compliments from both men and women. It only takes 15 minutes and some styling products to make my hair look super beautiful. I also dye my hair a bright copper red which is very eye catching but flattering to my skin tone (think christina hendricks… that woman is SO HOT). While long hair can be very pretty and feminine, short hair shows a certain sort of confidence – like “I don’t need long hair to be damn sexy!” and men appreciate that way more than just “look at me I’m beautiful.”

  10. Marriagecoach1~Just because a women has short hair doesn’t mean she wears nasty white granny undies, nor does it mean she doesn’t care what men think!! I have short hair, and wear a WIDE variety of colors, and styles…prefer black with a touch of pink, a little lacy, usually a thong. The Bra, It cost more to get a sexy 36DD bra thats supportive….but very worth it!! Of course there’s nothing wrong with your prefering long haired women….just thought you should know we short haired girls can be hella sexy too!! (and mag’s depict the essence of a man being tall, muscles, 6-pack abs, and…ummm, “large”…so should we women snuff men that don’t fit that?)

  11. Come on ladies isn’t it time we stop basing our appearence on the unrealistic fantisies of men…they DON’T do it for us. Would most men put up with the hassels of maintaining long hair then run to the salon every month to poor toxic painfull chemicals on it to conform to an image, a steriotype. Would most men pour hot wax on their goodies and legs then have it ripped off because thats what women prefer. Do men have the top layers of their skin peeled off because they feel their sexuality receeds with age. For most men the answer is no. And yet they are still the sexy, powerfull INDIVIDUALS we love to love. I choose my appearance MY personal tastes at that time. I’ve had long hair and super short hair every color of the rainbow, dressed like a stripper one day and jeans and sweatshirt the next. The only constant was I never did it because that is what I assumed men wanted (except for “oh he likes this sweater on me”). Know what…never had a problem finding a man if i wanted one and sometimes I had a few too many. Was every man I met attracted to me, probibly not, but who cares I had plenty.

    My point is when was the last time you caught a man reading an article about how to look good for a women.

  12. When I first meet a girl I always notice the eyes and personality the most.. You can see into a person’s soul by looking deep into their eyes.. That’s what i’ve heard.. To me the personality is the most important.. Short hair and long hair doesn’t have any matter on how I choose a girl.. Yes I LOVE blondes but I think that’s stereotypically most guys dream girl.. Maybe some guys do care about hair but not all do.. Everything physically can be changed in some way.. Personality can’t be..

  13. Do people realize what a pain long hair is? Mine is down to the middle of my back and curly. I like it better short then I have some control over it. When it was past my butt it still had waves and wanted perfectly straight hair. Long hair or short curly hair is a pain.

  14. @princesspr

    You are in denial girl. Long hair is what the overwhelming majority of guys want. Short hair says lazy, lazy, lazy. It says I want everything quick and easy. It says impatience. If given 10 women to choose from ~ 9 with short hair and one with long hair ~ the woman with long hair will get my first look everytime. I don’t have a male friend who thinks short hair is preferable. Better rethink ur attitude ‘princesspr’ or your still gonna be a princess in your old age.

  15. @Odette and @babyry and @missmelancholy

    Old maids is what comes to mind. Good luck searching through that small gene pool that likes tom-boy women.

  16. @All the women readers here

    In the final analysis ladies, guys end up looking for and marrying women who resemble and emulate their own mother. That’s right – the woman guys think will make the best mother and wife is the woman who looks similar to and behaves like their own mother (or the woman who raised him). Just call us all insecure little boys, but it is that familiarity and reassuring closeness that wins over even the physical attributes. So if you think you have it all figured out what guys like ~ now you know the truth!

  17. Well you can get to their neck if they got short hair and I love that new style where its short in back and just a lil longer on the sides by the chin..THATS HOT!! As for everything else I like nice hips, thighs and butt…boobs are low on my criteria list.

  18. @ princesspr, where have YOU been?? notice, long flowing locks right? so if a womans hair is still shiny even after it exceeds the “average” length of bald and butch now a days, then shes obviously doing something right. i have waist long hair because it takes the dedication to have long hair, not cause i dont want to do anything to it. i still get it trimmed to keep it healthy and still style it. i cut my hair short only once and felt like it was too much for boys so i grew it out. but it takes more work to maintain longer hair than it does short hair. short hair means you dont HAVE to style it. long hair means you do. dumb ass.

  19. For me long hair is sexy but it has to be well taken care of and many women with long hair spend a lot of time on it just as I know many women with short hair that chop it off because they don’t care one way or the other. Not saying that’s everyone but the sassy flirty comments are true for a small few. Guys see short hair as something most of us have to do, part of the work uniform. Long hair implies fun, freedom, and passion to many of us. For me I may notice hair but what draws me in is the way a woman carries herself, her confidence and body language. It’s not all about the perfect figure, it’s about knowing how to use what you have.

    ANd for all those comments about how guys never do anything for their looks is a load of crap. Most men groom for two reasons, women and work. And younger guys in the dating scene will spend hours getting ready and then lie about it. They want to impress you just as much as you want to impress them. As for not using a lot of products come on, guys color their hair, have body hair removed (some) use all kinds of products all in an effort to attract you. We rarely dress for each other. And yes many guys will be themselves around you, we just wish you’d let yourselves do the same thing too. Waiting too long to be yourself just means you’ll have to wait a long time to find guys you honestly click with. A woman in jeans and tee shirts can be just as sexy or more so than all dolled up. Admit it you do that for yourselves. Most guys hate overly done up fancy hairdo. If you spent $50 or %250 to get it done we may say it looks great but honestly we hate it. If we are attracted to you we want to touch your hair. Fancy hair says stay away and don’t touch me to most guys. That prom hair do you worked so hard for is about your princess fantasies, it does nothing for us. Thats why in the movies the sexy scenes are often proceeded with the girl letting her hair down. That is a strong visual for us that you are now approachable. I know lots of guys who steer clear of girls whose hair is too fancy at a bar, it says high maintenance and perhaps even conceded even if it’s not true, it’s how we read it.

  20. Unfortunately hormones play a big part in how a woman’s hair looks. I would LOVE to have long hair, but there isn’t a product or vitamin out there that I haven’t tried to get it to grow out. Right now, at about shoulder length is as long as it can be without looking really bad. Celebrities get extensions which add length and volume, and I just can’t afford that! Thankfully, I do have a naturally pretty face!

  21. easy…
    #1 clean… we like women who are clean…. so shower and put on clean looking clothes and do your hair in a “clean” style for what ever kind of hear you have… short,long, or something else? we’ll like it as long as it fits you… so where what you like…
    2 perfume? none or very little… if you blow us down with stink we will walk away (unless we are smokers, those who smoke have little or no sense of smell at all) most guys will pick up on your body odor more then your perfume… (and if your horny? rub a bit of your juices on your neck, no it’s not gross, if it is clean and fresh it’s natures natural musk!!!! guys will go nuts over that sent… it’s hardwired into our brains)
    3 make up… Yes, but it should look like your NOT waring any!!! no one likes dating a clown…
    4… the rest… if you’ve got it flaunt it baby… there is a man out there who likes what you got… trust me :) big or little there is a guy who likes it that way… just don’t show fat… if you have a roll cover it! and ware something that does not focus on it…

  22. For me it’s not breast size, nor height. It’s the face attitude, dress style(Showing too much of if she has morals) Shoe/Boot/Sandals and etc. Make-up dosent really catch me. Hair can if done certain ways.

  23. wow rediculou, stop brainwashing yourself’s wemon. Ofcourse men are attracted to look’s but that’s just to catch our attention. Most guys don’t like too big or too skinny it’s only instincts on picking a healthy mate. If you look too skimpy guy’s will only want to sleep with you and not much else, but if that is the relationship your looking for by all means go for it. But if you truely are looking for love just be yourself, don’t give in too fad’s because most of them look bad. Ive heard guy’s don’t like intelligent girl’s but I will lose interest if you can’t have a conversation about something intelligent so don’t dumb yourself down. Be unique, dress in your own fashion, talk about thing’s that interest you, don’t be follower do your own thing. Then maybe you will find someone who like’s you for who you are and not who your pretending to be. Don’t listen to the dumbass who said rub juice’s on yourself, true you might attact men but only those who only want sex. Don’t go overboard with make-up, or perfume your more beutiful just being you. So please don’t listen to magizines don’t follow fad’s or do what your friend’s say because some guy’s like me will be looking for someone unique.

  24. Ladies, carry your selves the way you personally feel comfortable and joyful. A man wants to bring you pleasure,not pain. If a man feels for one second that he is causing you trouble somehow, that is a turn-off. When it comes to hair, well, who cares long or short, as long as it fits your life style? My ex-wife, married her for 15 years, had smooth long hair to the knees, yet that did not stop the divorce. Actually her long hair caused problems in bed, because I rolled on it in the wrong moment, pulling it while sleeping and waking her up with pain, while I was in deep sleep. Also the ability to have conversation with your man is very important. You might get horny, get laid, have orgasms, but after it is done, your next morning conversation and behavior will be the difference between another date (if you are fun and happy), or a farewell (if you’re acting as if you’ve been through a senior year final exam). I notice how a woman carries her self with comfort. If you are crabby because the jeans is too tight, or the dress is too short, or the pumps are too high, I shall notice, and steer away. Life is too short to waste on annoying stuff, so be happy, enjoy your body, wear anything for your self before anyone else, relax, and you’ll find me and all other men doing our best to please you.

  25. they only posted 3 comments? i won’t discount what these guys have said but i’ll give you my take. depends on which angle i’m seeing first. If from behind…it’s definitely the buttox. it has to be sexually gratifying. after that it’s her hair. if viewing her front side, then her face…then her breasts and then her hair. it’s all subjective…every guy’s different. so it’s hard to pinpoint what you girls should be working on…your hair, your butt, your legs etc…all in all beauty only goes so deep. after a day or a week, you get to know that girl and if she doesn’t blend in well with a guy, the guy could be using her just for sex. it’s sad, but true.

  26. As a guy I would have to say the most common mistake women make about their appearance is worrying about the small picture. Men notice you from a distance. Have good posture, wear a dress that fits you well, do your hair nice and long, mainly look like a woman or a girl, but not a guy. We tend to start big then notice particulars after. If you want to turn a guy on with your looks it isn’t merely about showing skin, it is about teasing. A long dress with leg slits up to mid thigh is WAY hotter than a simple knee high skirt. Make us wonder. Being fit is nice, but a cute face or pretty eyes can definitely make up for it. Men think directly and simply which is why we tend to say things like “show some more ass” but this does not make us “Pigs” we just like to be efficient. That said personally sex is my primary interest in a relationship, it’s how we are wired, it’s evolution. Just like you women tend to look for one or more of the following strong, caring, provider, protector types.

  27. John V. Karavitis Yes, of course, for men, looks are the first thing that catches their attention. I’ve told this to women I’ve met, that, yes, it makes men “pigs”, but that’s how we’re wired, we can’t help it. However, please note, that half of all marriages end in divorce; thus, although looks get the ball rolling for men (and for women too, please, let’s be honest, women care about a guy’s looks, too), there has to be some level of compatibility for a relationship to begin, to thrive, to last. As for a woman’s hair (noted by some in this article), I believe that this is a biological signal: excess, luxuriant hair is a sign that the female is healthy and has excess physical resources that can be devoted to child-bearing. Again: we guys didn’t write the rules, ladies, but we do try to follow them as best we can. Help us out, please! We’re in this “dating game” together!! John V. Karavitis

  28. I find it very odd when a man says that we look at a womans face first and hair . women think we are lying. i been around this country and world and i seen all sorts of women but the most lovely and sexiest looking ones have always been the ones with long hair. greasy clean dry oily and frizzy. always get me to look twice. seen women with long beautiful hair and perk my interest and then seen her face and seen a women about sixty years old and still find her more attractive than a twenty year old with short hair.and i am am no cougar hunter either. long hair tells me that they care about there looks and willing to go the extra mile to look good.

  29. I’m sorry everyone, but I must say you sound extremely young or desperate (and I am 23!)

    Just take care of yourselves and your bodies, of course, but don’t change you for anyone. If a man loves you, he will appreciate you being strong and who you are.

    Plus, since when do these grubby slobs get to tell us how to dress or wear our hair? I mean really…

  30. well I’m a guy an i dont want to sound like a prick or anything, I really respect women. I can tell you what I look for first in a girl. Every guy is different but most I’d say are the same. First was right I do go for a girl who does the hair all up. personally long hair an sometimes with random highlights is a must. Blond with brown highlights. or black with blond highlights, sometimes even blond with red highlights. red lipstick is sexy. sometimes its not even needed though. Eyes, girls the eyes are a big hit. I think brown an blue are the best. Heels are a good thing or for the more comfy type of girl they have flats those are so cute. With the bow’s on them. Tight pants are a must but lets try not to get so tight to where the camel toe is noticeable that’s a no no. These are all sings that most guys go for right off the bat its alot but its easy to see what you like pretty quick. Girls your the same way this wasn’t wrote to disrespect any of you it was an informer. PS small tits are in or depending on how well you carry yours does matter. They have to fit you. Some girls dont need boob jobs remember this. A little junk in the trunk it nice to everyone wants something they can grab.

  31. Ok so I’m a guy and I stumbled across this article from another website, and I HAD to register JUST so I could comment here. It’s true that most guy probably care mostly about your appearance first and foremost, but for ME it’s definitely not. Appearance does have a moderate impact on me, but I find that a lot of the really attractive girls KNOW they are attractive which makes them pretentious and arrogant. For this reason, there are certain types of attractive girls that actually turn me off. I like a girl to be modest in the way she dresses; tight enough clothes to show off her shape, but enough clothes so that she isn’t half-naked. A skirt and thigh or knee high boots is pretty cute looking. But when it comes to her appearance, her face and eyes are by all means, first and foremost.

    NOW, that all being said, the first thing I notice about a girl, unless she’s one of the ones that know’s she’s hot (which is bad), is not her appearance. It’s definitely her personality and intellect. I especially notice small habits that they have (holding doors open, for example) and seemingly trivial behaviors that show she is nurturing & caring. I like an intelligent girl, and I couldn’t hook up with one that can’t hold a fairly advanced conversation. But I also like a loyal, caring, and nurturing girl, and I often find that you can tell whether or not a girl is like that pretty quickly by observing her small, seemingly meaningless (to some) habits.

    Also, ladies, don’t always wait for the guy to come and hit on you. If you like them, go up to them and talk to them! This will immediately make you stand out from all the other women in the room, and it will probably immediately spark up a conversation.

  32. marriagecoach1:::
    your completely crazy
    when women have realy long hair it is only because of 3 reasons:
    1) they dont care:
    the reason why i say this is because longer hair takes so much longer to take care of. they usuallly dont take care of their hair becase of this!!!

    2)EXTENTIONS & professional care: they usually spend too much $$$$$ on their hair if it looks good, isn’t always in a ponytail. the reasonwhy i say this is because im seeing CELEBRITIES wearing cheap looking extentions (that are so freaking expensive) ALL THE TIME!!! also, they might go 2 a pro beaty salon EVERY 5 DAYS.
    you wouldnt want a gf takin $$$ out of your pocket 4 that, WOULD YOU?!?!

    3)they are in IN LOVE W/ THEMSELVES:
    i said that it takes FOREVER to take care of long hair every morning, didnt i?? well, the girlies w/ long hair might have long hairso they can look at themselves for HOURS in a mirror… i HATE IT when some of my friends do stuff like that.

    women w/ short hair are sensible because they want to look good, & do it quick.just because they are out of the bathroom faster in the morning, it doesnt mean they dont care, it means they they want to look awsome for their friends (or people who are more *wink wink*) asap
    yupperz 😉

  33. Sorry Girls,
    You are wrong. Men are attracted to the girls that attract them. Some its their hair, some the eyes. It depends on the person. It is definetly visual because if they are not attracted to you in the first place visually they wont even get around to talking with you. For me it is the face in its entirety that attracts me to women. Im aslo attracted to different types depending on the mood I am in at the moment. So, good luck in trying to figure out what men want in a woman. Weve been trying to figure you out since time began.

  34. I think it’s funny that so many women want to say that LONG hair communicates laziness or some type of bad character flaw, while the men are saying the short hair is what turns them off. Clearly, that is if you’re trying to get them men, have long hair.lol It doesn’t really matter your thoughts why or why not. That is what the facts are, so get with the program!!lol

  35. physicality is important to males,but i look then i listen get close enough to hear what the girl is saying i don`t stare just listen and if she has conversation with content i`m interested i hate people who talk much but say little and red hair is a plus long or short doesn`t matter

  36. I read this and HAVE to say the very VERY first thing i notice about a woman is SHORT HAIR (shoulder length or shorter) THIS makes a woman stand out in a crowd.(and I personally find long hair a turnoff.)
    But that’s not the clincher. The next thing i do is get a General Impression (the head to toe)looking for features that we like. This doesn’t matter if your overweight or skinny, its to see if you have any spectacular features in the guys point of view. (80% of women are average in this category, depending on the guy, taste varies) Next is personality, personally after talking with a girl, if i don’t find something that yells “this girl is interesting”(5-10 min or less if she is a bore) i don’t want anything to do with you. Ladies, there are lots of things in life that are generally considered guy things, find a few that you enjoy, this will give you something to talk about and give you a one-up on the female competition. oh and remember men are denser when it comes to being hit on so be more blatant if your hitting on a guy.

  37. Are you kidding me? Men are simple creatures, but we’re not that simple. Men don’t look for the same thing first all the time. We’re driven by our emotions just like women are, we’re no different in that sense. All these guys that say “oh i look at how she carries herself

  38. What I always notice about a woman first and generally from a distance is her legs If in a dress that shows or if in shorts. Other wise her rear. I like a nice rounded slightly bubblebutt. the semi circle curve of the posterior should benoticeable but notscreaming I am here. Then I notice the breast, with perky small to medium preferred. 44DD’s are a turn off for me.

  39. Wow. This article created a great deal of discussion ranging from ridiculous topics to actual thought provoking ideas.

    First let me just say that I completely agree with Calvinalibra. I also think we need to ask ourselves if the “attraction” is occurring for super happy fun sex time reasons, or if the guy (and girl) are looking for a more serious thing, to eventually settle down. What “attracts” you to one another could vary, not only from what your feeling, as Calvinalibra put it, in the moment, but also for what your goal of the interaction is.

    For the record, I have always had long hair, and am not one to “style” regularly. However, I wash it daily and use some products to make it look nice before walking out the door. I keep it trimmed and healthy. And when I do “style” it, it takes about 20 minutes to blow dry and run a straightener through it. Hardly hours and hours of time to get ready. And always worth the extra effort. In all honesty, as a long haired female, I look at women with short haircuts as the ones forced to style it regularly, as opposed to longer looks that tend to need less maintenance (in my experience). Girls tend to get shorter hair cuts to match a specific style, and thus must style it every day to recreate the wanted look they got the cut for to being with. Ok, that was long and complicated. It is unfair to sum up the laziness factor of women based on their haircut. Obviously, it is a case-to-case basis. I think the point of the guys caring so much about the hair is that is shows that women take care of themselves.

    NOTE: Guys you do NEED to remember that most of the time when you meet a girl at a club, bar or restaurant or a similar location she probably spent a great deal of time getting ready for that specific night out, and so that may not be what she “looks like” all the time. Cut us some slack. As some have mentioned, maintenance takes time and money, AND those gorgeous perfect celebrities you see in magazines pay good money for those FAKE hair extensions and also get airbrushed.

    Ladies, if a guy is overly concerned with appearance then just know that they do not want anything more than what your appearance can provide for them. I would think that this type of guy would also be so concerned for his appearance. I would expect perfection.

    Wow, I am such a girl to focus to much of my response time on HAIR!

    Basically, what attracts a man to a women and vice versa are chemical reactions in our bodies. Those things that they look for like the booty, the eyes, or the personality, these are the triggers. Everyone has a “type.” Physical attraction is the tool that creates the connection, after that it is up to personality and compatibility. Men are not wrong to look at a woman’s body first to see if they like – women do the same damn thing to men! That is the doorway. Men are just more straight-to-the-point and that is natural and instinctive. Reproduction is what drives the human race. However, remember – quality over quantity, gentlemen. The ones more concerned with that booty and tell you not to talk to much because, “men do not like an intelligent woman,” are just looking for a booty call. Women you need to decipher and see who is more compatible to your plans. And those who say a personality is what is important are the ones who are looking for a “mate,” to settle down. And it is relevant, for SOME men (again, case-by-case basis), that they look for someone that somewhat resembles their mother – what that signifies is that they are looking for someone nurturing and caring, someone emotional who they can take care of – that is nature talking right there. Again, reproduction and having a family, being in a serious relationship are important to those men. They say women seek men like their fathers – for the same reasons. (That also goes to show why parenting is so important! Your kids are gonna look for in their mate the qualities their parents possessed and exhibited – good and bad! BUT THAT IS TOTALLY OFF TOPIC)

    There are plenty of quality men and women out there, you just have to see with wider eyes (sometimes ABOVE the chest) and hear with open ears. Not everyone is a match for you, despite how gorgeous they are. And likewise, do not always shoot someone down because they are below your standards. You may just miss out on a great person who could change your life. Like it was mentioned in another post, almost everything about your physicality can be altered, but not who you are.

  40. Sorry, girls, but I call b.s. on this article. I’m a guy, and in all my years having conversations with other guys about girls, I have NEVER heard mention of a girl’s hair first, second, or even third, other than to describe her as a blonde, brunette, or redhead. Face and body definitely come first and second, or perhaps the other way around depending on which is more striking…

  41. “Long hair is something that women have control over. When I see women with short hair it is an IMMEDIATE TURN OFf. It communicates to me that she could care less what men thing. All of the magazines feature women with long hair, it is the essence of feminity. Short hair indicates to me that if I undress a woman she will be wearing white cotton panties and a dull utiltarian bra. Men are visual creatures”

    there you go ladies its true me and all my buddys think this way, we want femine women not masculine tranny dikes.

    also believe it or not we dont like buckets of makeup learn to wear make up fashionably instead of just dumping it on your selfs.

    as far i go go femininity maybe first on my notice list second is definatly how you smell.

    please clean your privates when you go out for a night out one enormous turn off is that fishy smell… and for me personally i do love that citrus smelling perfume.

  42. ** cant edit my previous post so editing this way **

    “as far as i go femininity maybe first on my what i notice list second is definatly how you smell.” ** corrected **

  43. “also believe it or not we dont like buckets of makeup learn to wear make up fashionably instead of just dumping it on your selfs.”

    helps if you play with your colors to lady’s certain skin tones take to certain colors knowing yours helps a lot in how you look.

    slapping red on does not always work some times a dark brown looks just as good depending on your flesh tone, clothes you wear.. ect..

  44. “NOTE: Guys you do NEED to remember that most of the time when you meet a girl at a club, bar or restaurant or a similar location she probably spent a great deal of time getting ready for that specific night out, and so that may not be what she “looks like” all the time. Cut us some slack. As some have mentioned, maintenance takes time and money, AND those gorgeous perfect celebrities you see in magazines pay good money for those FAKE hair extensions and also get airbrushed”

    we know. beleave me we know lol…

    you may be a 8-10 for the night be we half exspect to wake up with a 5.

    how ever should a relationship come from the orginal meet we will exspect that level of “quality” every now and again not every night out cause you would techinically have us for the duration of a relationship but we do like to see you take care of your selfs and not just become “lazy stuck around the house cant do anything worthless women.”

  45. To marriagecoach1 and all the others saying that short hair in a woman is not sexy, I have 2 words for you: Halle Berry. Can you really prcture her wearing ‘white cotton panties and a dull utiltarian bra’? On the other hand, a woman can have long hair and look like a troll. I’m not saying one is better than other, just than short hair can be sexy too. Actually I think it takes a woman with really beautiful features to pull off a short hairstyle. As a woman you have to find what suits you and what makes you confident, when you exude confidence you look the sexiest.

  46. First thing noticed is long hair. It can be piled on top or back in a ponytail or flowing down. Doesn’t matter. Short hair is not sexy and a turn off. Second thing noticed is an engaging warm smile.

  47. black women with natural hair?? first of all, i love how you felt the need to call us out *TWICE*, we must intimidate you or make you jealous. A lot of black women have long hair, but a lot of time you just can’t tell b/c its curly. As for white women, a lot of them have short hair too. Your hair growth is dictated by your genes, so not everyone can grow long hair super fast. I’ve seen a lot of white women going into the beauty store to buy wigs and fusions. So keep your ignorance to yourself. I think this website was created for women to laugh and be entertained, not read rude pathetic comments from a grown ass woman with no life.

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