What Models Really Eat

A catwalker reveals all.
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What Models Really Eat

A catwalker reveals all.

-The Betty Editors

Michelle Easter

What’s a typical day in a model’s life like? Does she eat three healthy meals, or none at all? BettyConfidential recently chatted with Michelle Easter — a 5’9″, 116-pound model in her 20s — to find out. Easter’s career includes runway shows for Burberry and Diesel and photo shoots for Teen Vogue and Condé Nast Traveler, but for this interview, we were more interested in what she puts in her body rather than on it.

Is it hard for you to keep your model weight?
I was always very thin growing up. I was very active as well, so I stayed slim no matter what I ate. I finally started growing some curves when I was about 20, and now I do have to work a little to keep a model’s weight. If I don’t eat fresh, healthy food and get a reasonable amount of exercise, it’s easy for me to fall out of shape.

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What are a typical day’s meals like for you?
For breakfast, coffee is a must! Also, I’ll have a whole grain oat bar or oatmeal, a low-fat yogurt, or a piece of fruit. If I have a shoot or a show in the daytime, I’ll usually hold out, if I can, on eating a meal until after work, snacking on fruit or veggies or something light. If not, I’ll have a salad or soup for lunch, and some lean protein and veggies for dinner. I try not to eat late at night, but if I do get late-night munchies, I try to stick to fruit or yogurt, if I get a sweet craving, or pretzels to curb my salt addiction.

What’s your favorite kind of food when you go out?
When eating out, I prefer Japanese and tapas, hands down. But I really love to cook, too! My favorite meal to cook is breakfast, especially egg white omelettes with veggies and avocado, cooked in I Can’t believe It’s Not Butter or olive oil, served with dry whole grain toast. I live on lean meats, shrimp and grilled fish, with different veggies tossed around in a pan with low-calorie marinades or dressings and lots of herbs and spices like cilantro, basil and Old Bay. I like my food to have lots of flavor, which I can get just by using lots of herbs and spices and searching for the best low-cal sauces.

Michelle EasterGuys hate it when a date just picks at her dinner. How do you cope with eating out on a date?
Guys DO hate that, and I hate to be that girl, too! If I’m going to go on a date with a guy, and he wants to do dinner, then I eat dinner! There’s always something on every menu that is healthy, or can be simply altered to be healthy. You can always order a garden salad with oil and vinegar or some steamed veggies with grilled chicken.

Is everybody always trying to feed you?
We’re often offered free “model dinners” at the nicest restaurants and unlimited drinks from the most posh clubs and lounges. It’s so easy to be tempted into constant indulging, especially when it’s free. However, the best thing for the body is a consistent, healthy routine without any shocks or surprises.

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  1. Finally a model that admits she doesn’t eat whatever she wants! She also doesn’t claim to not have to work out, she eats dry toast and egg whites, and thinks plus size models have it harder. I like this chick :) She is very honest about her diet, and, what woman has never skipped a meal before pictures? No one! Now, most of us don’t make habbits of it, but, our paycheck isn’t relying on us looking so tiny. I do agree that 116lbs on 5’9″ frame is way too skinny, but if girlfriend eats like she says she does she’s super healthy. Thanks for the article but I don’t think I’m gonna be eating that way all the time too soon. I’m happy being 5’5″ and 135lbs, this Lady loves her pasta!

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