What We Learned From Men's Magazines in January

The latest men's magazines reveal what guys are thinking about this month.
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What We Learned From Men’s Magazines in January

The latest men’s magazines reveal what guys are thinking about this month.

-Faye Brennan

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The January issues of men’s magazines were just like the ones you and I read. On each cover, headlines called out “New Year, New You” and “Lose Weight in 2010,” suggesting that this month marks a chance to start over for men, too.

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Besides trying to stick to their new year’s resolutions, we wanted to know what else guys will be thinking about and doing this first month of 2010. After reading all of their favorite magazines, here’s what we found:

1. They want to find love, too.
Just like us, men are optimistic about their love lives, hoping that this year will be the year they meet the girl of their dreams. In order to help in their search, Jenna Autuori gave Men’s Fitness readers some tips, suggesting that guys get a makeover, start dating online, stop basing everything on looks, and try being romantic for a change. We have a feeling BettyConfidential readers have a lot more suggestions to add to this list.

2. They will be dressing very well.
If the style section of GQ is any indication of how men will dress this year, we’re in luck. A suit has never looked so good as it does on pretty boy Paul Walker in the magazine’s “Think Outside the Cube” spread. We hope every guy follows suit (pun intended) and opts for perfectly fitting three-piece suits, thick eyeglass frames, and plaid pocket squares like the ones Walker sports.

Paul Walker

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3. They still prefer blondes.
In their latest issue, Maxim crowned the 2009 Hometown Hotties competition winner, and surprise, surprise! She’s a buxom blonde. Kristin Gustafson, 22, from Turlock, CA, beat 5,000 other women for the title and the opportunity to wear her bra and panties in Maxim’s pages. Thanks for keeping those stereotypes alive, Maxim!

4. They want to have sex in a car.
Everyone knows Tiger Woods and his mistress got down and dirty in a parking lot, and now it seems all guys want to go for a ride in the back seat. Stacey Grenrock Woods of esquire.com tells guys how to pull off this feat successfully without getting caught. The most important factor of course, is location, says Ms. Woods’ source Eric Marlowe Garrison. “If you wouldn’t feel comfortable going there for a picnic during the day or even pulling over for hot chocolate at night – and those are the same amounts of time you’d need – I wouldn’t recommend having sex there.” Our recommendation? Watch out for the stick shift.

5. They want to learn how to pound beers and smoke a pipe.
Thanks to the new Sherlock Holmes movie, guys have rediscovered the “art” of smoking a pipe. Maxim’s got it covered, giving their readers expert advice on how to properly pack and smoke this old-school relic. And because smoking and drinking seem to go hand-in-hand in man land, Maxim assures readers that even if they didn’t know how to successfully chug a beer in college, they can still attempt to do it now since there’s zero skill involved. Mmm, not only is he going to smell great when he gets home tonight (beer and tobacco!), he’s probably going to be throwing up, too.

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  1. Personally I have gotten 2 the point where I don’t care what guys r ‘thinking’ bcause they spend so much time trying 2 make sure we CAN’T know what they r really thinking. They lie/fake so much-they lied in these men magazine surveys also lol It isn’t in them to keep it real. LOL

  2. i still dont believe guys truly prefer blondes – the majority of guys i talk to prefer brunettes with long hair, girl next door types and tend to admire blondes from afar but dont picture themselves married to one

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