What You Need to Know About UTIs

The unfortunate occurrence of urinary tract infections and what you can do to prevent them
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If you feel like it, sister, and you’re bening treated, go for it! Chances are, sex will be very uncomfortable while you have a UTI. But it’s unlikely to make it worse if you’re already being treated.

I keep getting UTIs but antibiotics don’t help. What’s going on?

Have the UTIs all been confirmed UTIs? Often, if antibiotics don’t help relieve the symptoms of frequency and dysuria, the diagnosis is something else. The most common condition people confuse with UTI is interstitial cystitis, inflammation of the bladder unrelated to bacteria. If you think you have a UTI but antibiotics are not helping, see your doctor.

Lissa Rankin is a gynecologist and author. She blogs at owningpink.com, and you can follow her on Twitter at @lissarankin.

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