What's Your Favorite Male Body Part?

Guys aren't the only ones who gawk. BettyConfidential asked some women to dish about their favorite physical attributes on the opposite sex.
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What’s Your Favorite Male Body Part?

Guys aren’t the only ones who gawk. BettyConfidential asked some women to dish about their favorite physical attributes on the opposite sex.

-Kathryn H. Cusimano

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We love men for many reasons — the way they make us laugh, cook dinner for us when we’re sick and ask us for style advice. But before we get to know them for all of their quirky-yet-wonderful qualities, we have to rely on our first impressions. Despite what The Rock would like everyone to think, big guns aren’t always the key to a woman’s… phone number. While we’ll always love the guys who make us smile, it’s often certain physical attributes that help us move beyond the friend zone. What are those key features? We asked a few gals to tell us what makes them give guys a second look.

For many women, it’s all about the arms. “I’m a sucker for broad shoulders and jacked up arms,” says Kim. Faye is also a big fan. “I like arms because I know that when they wrap them around me I’ll be totally smothered, which is such a great feeling… Whenever I see a guy with big arms I just want to squeeze them!”

It can be difficult to hold back when an Incredible Hulk look-alike sidles up to you at a bar, but some ladies prefer to watch him walk away. “I’m a big fan of the ‘Torso Triangle,’” says Lauren, who loves when a broad-shouldered guy has a trim waist. “I love a nice, strong back with a defined spine,” adds Brooke. “I think you really only get muscle there naturally through running, hiking… and I like those kinds of guys [as opposed] to ones who sit at the gym on weight machines for two hours a day.”

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But strong, tight muscles won’t make him a better kisser. “Let’s talk about those full, soft lips — they usually move much more slowly than thin lips and can ‘mold’ around your body,” sighs Heidi. “Stiff thin lips just aren’t soft and romantic.” For others, a great grin will seal the deal. “A chiseled smile always works — especially when it comes with strong cheek bones,” says Maureen.

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12 thoughts on “What's Your Favorite Male Body Part?

  1. I’m with LiveToGossip! The eyes are IT for me — especially beautiful, expressive blue or green ones.(My absolute favorite thing is when you can feel a guy’s eyes on you, flirting from across the room! So sexy!)

  2. Eyes! I looove eyes I can look into and get lost in! And, honestly, I like guys with a nice butt too! My girlfriends all think I’m nuts and don’t think it makes a difference but it really does! If I see a guy with a nice butt I will stare. And stare. And stare. SHAMELESSLY.
    A guy with a nice toned butt in his jeans is a guy I definitely do NOT mind watching walk by! (Now if I could just find one with gorgeous baby blues and long dark hair I can run my fingers through…)

  3. Channing Tatum's Ears
    David Beckham's Nose & Body
    Brad Pitt's Eyes
    Hugh Jackman's Teeth
    Chris Brown's Smile
    Ryan Renold's Smile
    Jacob's ( Twilight) Body

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