What's the Holdup?

A woman wonders why the man she's been spending time with refuses to make a move.

What Would Debbie Do?

What’s the Holdup?

Dear Debbie,

I met this man via the Internet about eight months ago. We have lunches together (always parting with a peck on the cheek), talk every day, text, e-mail, and send cards/little gifts to each other through the mail. In January I told him I wanted a little more, and he assured me he did also, but nothing has changed. Am I wasting my time by being his pen pal? One thought that has crossed my mind is that he is 15 years older than me … could he be worried about becoming intimate with me?

–What to do in Tennessee?

Dear Tennessee,

Umm … no. I don’t think he’s worried about becoming intimate with you. I think he’s married.

I’m sure I’m missing many facts, but don’t you find it strange that you met this guy on the Internet, you engage every day, but he still keeps you at bay? This is a guy who wants to dip his toe in the pond, but is too scared to jump in. He’s playing you … move on. That’s what I would do.

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