What the Psychic Told Me

My life is beginning-again
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A woman daydreamingHow did she know that I had sinus issues, let alone trouble defining and expressing anger? Amazed, I remain silent and let Peggy continue.

“I feel like you brought this harsh self-judgment in with you from another life. But you’ve gotten much better at being a free spirit; you are moving forward.”

Peggy stops the reading to ask if I’d like her to do some energy work around my inner critic with its punishing, black/white distorted thinking.

“What’s the energy work?” I ask.

“I call it Simon Says,” she explains. “You have a negative repetitive pattern going on at the unconscious. So we’re going to scratch that record. I’m going to tell a story and at different times I may ask you to repeat a phrase.”

“Let’s do it,” I say.

Peggy’s normal voice changes back into that sing-song cadence.

“Melina, as you close your eyes and allow your heart to open, it’s important that you trust the unknown. Feel yourself no longer holding on to what you know. Melina, it’s in your highest good to say the following words: I give myself permission to know I can’t get there from here.”

I do as she says, and Peggy continues for a good 20 minutes, speaking quickly and hypnotically of how, during a past life, I was a beggar who was killed for stealing a loaf of bread. She then took us back even further in time to prevent the crop failure, which led to the starvation that caused me to take the bread.

She continued with the story, at the same time telling me to “give myself permission” to do various things including stop judging myself so harshly, to know how to process life, to stop worrying, to follow the trail, to let go of shame, to know what to do, to clearly speak my truth, to be seen as grounded and sane, to be spoken to, to point people in the right direction, to breathe easy, to let go of danger, to love myself, to simply trust the prophesies, to welcome all spiritual beings from the light, to pass peacefully, to be recognized for my inner beauty, to be satisfied, to laugh at myself, to keep it together, to love myself.

By the end of her story, Peggy had me saving the entire village from starvation, and instead of being killed I was pardoned at the last minute and hailed as a savior.

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4 thoughts on “What the Psychic Told Me

  1. I’m not psychic, but I do believe in new beginnings, and that your new self is going to be better than ever, MG! I know it’s a bit scary, but hang in there…the best is yet to come!

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