What to Wear?

A young lady seeks advice about what to wear to her prom.


A Smart, Casual Prom Night

Dear Fashionista411: What do I wear to PROM night? The theme is smart and casual. I wanted to wear jeans with a shirt and a vest with booties. Is it okay? Or should I wear a dress? And I hope that your suggestion won’t be too much of baring of body. Thanks!

Fashionista411: OK, since you say it is a casual theme prom, you still want to look put together, and classic. I would try a simple dress with a sleeve to keep it on the casual side; a look that’s always in style. Here are three great options:

dress puff sleeve dress dress by Standard Style

Buy at bloomingdales.com, shopbop.com, standardstyle.com

Your Fashionista411, Dawn

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  1. I’ve never heard of a “casual prom”, that’s almost an oxymoron! If it is casual, I’d guess that they don’t want the over the top/way sexy styles that have been popular the last 5 or 6 years. What I wore for my prom(in the Stone Age late 80’s)was a beautifully simple black strapless knee length(cocktail)dress, which I had made from a picture in a very upscale department store’s catalog. Even now, over 20 years later, the dress still looks pretty current. I agree with Dawn that a dress is a better bet than jeans and booties, maybe one of the cute strappy or halter maxidresses that are still in style and pretty sandals or flats, with a little cardigan or a denim jacket if the evening is chilly. The price point on the dresses I know goes from about $30 and up, so it’s not a huge investment, and the dress will be great for the summer!

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