Hillary's Senate Seat for Caroline Kennedy?

It is reported that Caroline Kennedy is interested in replacing Hillary Clinton as Senator from New York State.

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What’s Next for Caroline Kennedy?

Is JFK’s daughter headed to Washington?

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Caroline Kennedy Barack ObamaShe was the little girl on her pony on the lawn of the White House. She was the dignified mourner at her mother’s and her brother’s funerals. Now it is reported that Caroline Kennedy — her married name is Schlossberg but she is best known by her famous maiden name — is interested in replacing Hillary Clinton as Senator from New York State.

Caroline, 51, has for most of her adult life been a wife, mother and low-key New York socialite. She is a lawyer by training and has also written several books including her most recent, A Family Christmas. Her husband is an exhibition designer, and she has two daughters and a son who are nearly grown. Over the past few years she became more involved in civic activities, working on the issue of education and as President of the Kennedy Library Foundation.

She became an important member of the Obama campaign, as an outspoken supporter of the President-Elect. She also was co-chair of his Vice-Presidential search committee. Barack Obama has said that he and Michelle have become good friends of Caroline and think of her as the role model of a President’s child who grew up to be a gracious, intelligent and hard-working adult.

She has told some friends she is not really inclined to take the Senator’s job even if New York’s governor David Paterson offers it to her. But others say she has stepped up and is discreetly lobbying for the position. Her cousin Robert F. Kennedy Jr. told The New York Times, “I don’t think anybody who knows Caroline doubts that she has fire in her belly. She’s a workaholic.”

Many women’s groups believe Hillary Clinton should be replaced by a woman. Others think New York needs a senator with star power. With her Park Avenue elegance, her world- famous name and as a daughter of a great political dynasty, Caroline Kennedy certainly has that!

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