When Your Guy is Obsessed with Twitter & Facebook

As if a gal didn't have enough to compete with! Now add social media to the list.
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When Your Guy is Obsessed with Twitter & Facebook

As if a gal didn’t have enough to compete with! Now add social media to the list.

-Serena Blair

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12 thoughts on “When Your Guy is Obsessed with Twitter & Facebook

  1. PiNKgirl says:

    Haha, well I’m happy my boyfriend can live without the computer – Haha

  2. bellavita says:

    I don’t know many guys obsessed with facebook, luckily!

  3. pepper56 says:

    I love Facebook, but I definitely don’t air dirty laundry on there…I also try not to add mundane comments on what I am doing every second of every day. And I know a TON of guys who are Facebook-obsessed, which is kinda weird!

  4. danggirl says:

    Seriously — this whole social media Twitter Facebook etc etc can be an obsession for both guys and girls. I think we sometimes forget to pay attention to what’s going on right in front of our faces — or that experiences still count even if we don’t post about them online!

  5. valley_grrl2000 says:

    find a guy who can appreciate the REAL things in his life …

  6. rose07 says:

    hahaha. Who doesn’t love facebook

  7. swtchks00 says:

    The social media world is taking over. It’s crazy how much an average person spends on there. Some people can be on those things, ALL DAY! Do people not have jobs?

  8. jmglanders says:

    Why do people think that every thought that enters their brain should be published? Chronic OSMers are impossible to socialize with face-to-face. Fortunately inexpensive androids will be available this Christmas for purchase by these obsessives!

  9. violetgal says:

    Twitter is suuuuch a waste of time; it’s just Facebook minus everything BUT the ‘status update.’ What’s the point??

  10. littlelady says:

    None of the guys I know are addicted to social media. Wait, I take that back. Some of my gay friends are.

  11. khc1114 says:

    I’m starting to find it all exhausting. Facebook takes a lot of time to maintain! Plus, people place way too much value on what they see online. I’ve had acquaintances who didn’t believe I was in a relationship simply because my status wasn’t on Facebook. How absurd!

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