When He Says I'm Beautiful

A woman asks if men are telling the truth when they say she is beautiful.


The Old ‘Beautiful’ Routine

Dear ASK REAL GUYS: When men tell you that you look beautiful do they mean it? And are men able to appreciate you as a whole?

Steven: Not exactly sure what your question means. Guys can be appreciative because they want something but they also can say it because they mean it. Can you take a compliment? If not you might want to take a look at that. With regards to appreciation as a whole, some men know how to do it well and some don’t. If you are not being appreciated in the way you would like, be clear and state what you want. After all, how can men read your thoughts? People can’t give you what you want if they don’t know what you want. So express what you want and need and let the chips fall where they may.

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