Which is Healthier?

A woman seeks advice on whether it's better to binge on the weekends, or allow yourself to snack a little each day.

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Which is Healthier?

Dear Renee: If you had a choice, which I guess you do, to either eat a low calorie diet all week and then “binge” on the weekend or eat a little more during the entire seven day week, which would you do and which do you think is better for maintaining a healthy body (and weight and mind)?

–Thanks, Curious

Dear Curious: You bring up a dilemma that most people face every week. Unfortunately weekend ‘binges’ are all too common. Even if you are careful during the week, the binges can still lead to weight gain. So what’s a gal (or guy) to do?

Practice MODERATION (one of my favorite words)… keep a healthy and balanced diet all week long. When you’re presented with a treat you’d like to have, go ahead and have a little. You might even cut back a little on something else that day to help fit it in. Eating isn’t an all or nothing sport. Your diet doesn’t have to be over controlled and restrictive to be healthy. It’s about balance, and that includes fitting in little bits of the treats and goodies too. The most difficult change for most is changing how they think about eating.

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