White House Dog Arrives

First Fido, a Portuguese Water Dog, to make his debut this week


White House Dog Arrives

First Fido, a Portuguese Water Dog, is finally home

-Betty Editors

Portuguese Water DogJust as Mean Betty was about to start a “Where’s the Pooch?” write-in campaign, the Betty Editors are relieved to hear that the long-awaited White House dog has arrived. Now, it hasn’t been confirmed by Press Secretary Robert Gibbs, but several news organizations are buzzing that a Portuguese Water Dog has joined the First Family.

Finally, an end to all that speculation on what breed would become First Fido…

Perhaps on Monday, the dog, who was bred at a Texas kennel, might be taking part in his first White House Official Event, the Easter Egg Roll. But in case that is too much excitement for the newest member of the family, the black dog, a male, could make his official debut on Tuesday.

White House Easter EggsNo, the pup does not come from a shelter–now you didn’t expect the President to keep all his campaign promises–but has had a somewhat rocky past. He was sold to someone but then returned to the kennel. Wonder why? Currently, the dog is being “re-homed.” Do you wonder why, again? That’s because the dog is being given to the Obamas by Ted Kennedy, and there is that sticky problem about the President not receiving gifts. But didn’t the Obamas get lots of gifts in Europe on their recent trip, like that lovely picture of the Queen and Prince Philip, which you know they love?

For technical reasons, the website TMZ explains, though the Kennedys are “presenting” the dog to the Obamas, it is really coming from the kennel. Oh, the ways of Washington.

The kennel has sold the Kennedys three water dogs, and the new dog is from the same lineage. His name is Charley, but that will probably change. Sasha and Malia , at one time, were favoring “Frank” or “Moose,” but the First Lady was threatening to use her veto power. President Obama had said the ETA of the White House dog is top secret. But all indications are that barks are being heard and legs are being raised on the White House lawn.

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  1. too bad he didn’t get it from a shelter. that would have been a nice thing to do from his position. and the whole working around the rules thing is just disheartening.

  2. why does it matter if the dog’s black? whoever wrote this shouldn’t have put that info in – a)it comes off kinda racist and b)duh! we can all see the dog’s color!

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