Whitney Port's Fake Romance

The City star is set up with three different men on the new season of her show, but one of them has a girlfriend

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Whitney Port’s Fake Romance

The City star is set up with three different men on the new season of her show, but one of them has a girlfriend

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Whitney Port

Reality bites, but in the case of MTV’s fake reality shows, it pretty much blows for one poor girl. Seems this sad unnamed gal didn’t know that her boyfriend had been cast to play one of Whitney Port’s love interests on the new season of The City (which returns tonight).

In the new season Whitney finds herself “dating” three different guys who were cast by the show’s producers. Viewers will get to see how it all plays out over a series of blind dates as Whitney finds her perfect match and they begin seriously dating.

It’s just a pity his real-life girlfriend wasn’t in on the plan. The new guy was cast in a six-episode arc on The City as Whit’s new love interest, and while he tried to explain how “fake reality” on shows like The City and The Hills works to his girlfriend, she ditched him by the taping of the final episodes. Having her boyfriend filmed and seen around the city on dinner dates with Whitney Port was just too much for her.

As for Whitney, she only found out halfway through the filming that her fake beau had a real girlfriend and while she felt bad, she considers it strictly work.

“Whitney really was clueless about all the drama that the boyfriend scenes were creating,” says an insider. “She’s a nice girl and did not know what was going on at all. When she finally found out, it was too late to help salvage his relationship.”

There’s one thing that will be real on the show this season — the production of Whitney’s clothing line. Unlike Lauren Conrad, Whitney does design her Whitney Eve line and wanted to showcase how involved she is in the process. She insisted that part of her real life be a part of her fake reality on The City.


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  1. Reality shows are all planned — nothing is ever genuine. Case in point, if The Hills was really about Lauren, the show would have ended when she said she didn’t want to do it anymore. But no, they brought in Kristin Cavallari, and the show goes on!

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