Who Should Taylor Swift Date Next?

5 guys we think would make a great next date for the Grammy-winning singer.
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Who Should Taylor Swift Date Next?

5 guys we think would make a great next date for the Grammy-winning singer.

-April Daniels Hussar

Taylor Swift

Isn’t Taylor Swift just the cutest thing? She’s truly a breath of fresh air in a world filled with gloomy Megan Fox/Taylor Momsen-types who complain about the trials and tribulations of their glamorous celebrity lives (boo-hoo!). Miss Swift, on the other hand, in addition to being the real deal when it comes to talent (we are going to ignore that Grammys glitch), genuinely seems to enjoy and appreciate the fabulous ride she’s on. And, since she and Taylor Lautner are no longer an item, Glee’s Cory Monteith said they’re just friends and we’ve been hearing all those disturbing rumors about sweet Taylor and creepola John Mayer, we feel it’s our duty to give Taylor a little big-sisterly dating advice. #1: Back away from John Mayer! And #2 … well, we’ve racked our brains to come up with a list of guys for the 20-year-old country crooner and Valentine’s Day star to choose from for her next date.

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Reportedly, cutie-pie Ryan Kwanten wants Taylor to guest-star on True Bloodhmmm… could there be an ulterior motive? How could there not be! “I get the feeling that she likes to break down boundaries,” he explained. “She set a bunch of records, so why not get into the acting world and see if she can’t tackle that, too.” Yeah, right – it’s all about Taylor and her boundaries, you Aussie hottie, you. But the real question is: If Taylor starts dating a vampire, will Taylor Lautner turn into a werewolf, like, for real? (And, why is everyone is Hollywood suddenly named Taylor?)

So, who should Taylor’s next boyfriend be? They have to be an A-lister, they have to be worthy, and they have to be guys who we think would treat Taylor right… behold: 5 Betty-approved guys Taylor Swift could date next:

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0 thoughts on “Who Should Taylor Swift Date Next?

  1. Yep, #2 or #5 – the rest are UGLY dudes — come on – what are you thinking with Robert Pattison(ick) and Peyton Manning (double ick). She is too good for either of those guys.

  2. I personally would choose Michael Cera. Sure, the other guys are nice to look at, but unless I’m mistaken, at least 3 of them probably have the warmth and personality of a brick.

    Michael would have you laughing all the time.

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