Who Will Help Lindsay Lohan Now?

As she dumps her best friend Patrick Aufdenkamp, Lindsay Lohan is running out of people to lean on.

Who Will Help Lindsay Lohan Now?

As she dumps her best friend Patrick Aufdenkamp, Lindsay Lohan is running out of people to lean on.

-Kelly Will

Lindsay Lohan

They were closer than close, even sharing a bed together, but now Lindsay Lohan has kicked longtime pal Patrick Aufdenkamp out of her life and pals are wondering who will be there to catch Lindsay the next time she falls.

The pair, who have known each other since they were teenagers, had a major falling our over the New Year’s weekend, while on vacation in St. Bart’s with Lindsay’s sister, Ali.

The pair got into an explosive argument that culminated in Lindsay calling Patrick a thief for stealing sketches from her expanding 6126 clothing line. Their blowout came on the heels of Lindsay learning of old party pal Casey Johnson‘s passing.

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“Lindsay has had a rough week, she’s distraught about losing two close friends at the same time in such dramatic ways,” an insider tells BettyConfidential. “She and Patrick have a long history and they’ve never had a fight even close to this one, but she’s done with him.”

Lindsay Lohan and Patrick Aufdenkamp

The two, who’d been closer than close for more than five years, were strictly friends but shared hotel rooms and hotel beds over the course of their friendship. “Lindsay might have two suites together, but she and Patrick, and occasionally Ali, would all sleep in the same room together,” the insider says. “She was comfortable sharing a bed with him and wanted him by her side. It was a dependent friendship and very odd when you added Ali into the mix. They would trash one room with clothes and bags and share another room. Having Patrick close was important to Lindsay and she frequently asked for his advice and relied on him in her business and personal life.”

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Friends say that Patrick was a bad influence on Lindsay but he did stick by her side through difficult times. “They always traveled together and he spent as much time with her as any one of her family members did,” the source says. “You could not see Lindsay without seeing Patrick. He did take care of her in his own way and while he furthered his styling and clothing career because he was friends with her, he did care about her in his way.”

While the insider says Patrick did party with Lindsay and didn’t try to tone down her wild ways, he did watch out for her. And he certainly benefited from their friendship – even landing a clothing deal of his own. But now that he is out of the picture, the source says, “she’ll be relying more than ever on Ali now.” But Ali is just 16 years old, seven years younger than her out of control big sis. Can she pull Lindsay out of her downhill spiral? Sadly, only time will tell.

Magazine and newspaper reporter Kelly Will has written celebrity columns for the New York Times, the New York Daily News and the New York Post. Follow her on Twitter at twitter.com/misswill.

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