Why Angelina Jolie is Bored With Brad Pitt

The couple countered the breakup rumors with a recent date night, but an insider says Angelina is getting tired of Brad putting the kids first.
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Why Angelina Jolie is Bored With Brad Pitt

The couple countered the breakup rumors with a recent date night, but an insider says Angelina is getting tired of Brad putting the kids first.

-JoAnna Zulli

Brad Pitt

Brad Pitt maybe one of Hollywood’s sexiest actors, a film producer, humanitarian and architecture buff, but at home he’s just a simple dad. And it’s this dedication to his kids that is causing friction with his partner Angelina Jolie.

“He wants to be the best father possible,” a source tells BettyConfidential. “He’s all about the kids. And at the end of the day he’s tired and all he wants to do is sit and relax. Angelina, on the other hand, is ready to roll!”

Brad and Angelina used to be seen out on the town regularly, but over the past month or two their date nights have been few and far between, which has prompted rumors that they were on the verge of splitting.

In what some cynics have seen as a shrewd PR move, the pair attended the Director’s Guild Awards last weekend, to put the rumors to rest.

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But the insider says that the showy date night was just a band-aid; there are bigger problems that the couple needs to work on. “Brad and Angie’s relationship seems to have lost its spark,” the source says. “They’re bored with each other and their chemistry has fizzled.”

Part of the problem is that Angelina, 34, doesn’t want to be a homebody and stay in with the kids every night, while Brad, 46, loves to hang out with his kids and then relax at home after they go to bed.

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0 thoughts on “Why Angelina Jolie is Bored With Brad Pitt

  1. stellabella says:

    At least BRAD wants to be a great dad where ANGIE a loose cannon..BRAD, old boy don’t u wish u had stayed w/JENN????

  2. Ann13 says:

    I’m over them.

  3. kitty says:

    Are you sure she’s just not bored with his BEARD?

  4. khc1114 says:

    I think you’re right, kitty, the beard ruined their relationship!

  5. missindale says:

    They are not splitting and believe me he never thinks about getting back with Jen. Please. Brad and Angie must laugh when they read this stuff.

  6. Lokifan says:

    *eyeroll* Bisexuality and ‘wild escapades’ automatically go together? Please.

  7. livetogossip says:

    I think @Lokifan that the wild escapades involve writing Jonny Lee’s name in blood on her back on her wedding day, having sex with Billy Bob in a limo on the way to an awards show and then telling a red carpet reporter about it and wearing a vial of his blood around her neck. Where I come from, that is considered wild.

  8. leftygrlac says:

    6 kids, wait, I think it is really 7, counting Angelina…

  9. nikijoo says:

    com’on betty! this is sooo “star magazine.”

  10. tired66 says:

    Angelina is a pig,pig can be good mothers but they like to wallow in the mud.She is self centered and not self sacraficing!The kids are just an act with her.SHe lives in her own bubble and it about to burst.Brad is a man but a family man.There is a time to be set aside for sex and that.But not in front of the kids! She has a screw loose ,always has.He tightened it for a while but the screw is stripped now!The next step is she will get a female lover to make headlines then work that for awhile and then go back to a male lover.

  11. bettysmorgas says:

    Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie Are Splitting because they didn’t sign a contract and it’s all about their egos. Both should be happy in hell one day. And all their kids are future head cases, for certain.

  12. BMom says:

    If I was parenting 6 kids, I’d be tired at the end of the day too BUT I also think it’s important that you reconnect with your spouse and you need that time out and alone with each other without the kids to keep the communication going. It’s good that Brad is a good dad, but he also needs to be a good spouse (or partner since they aren’t married) as well! It’s important…because if mama aint happy, no one is happy!

  13. sidneyanne says:

    So Brad could leave her and take the kids. She could party. He could parent.

  14. noel2004 says:

    all it means is that Brad is showing his age. there is nothing wrong with what he wants to do. Angelina is also showing her age; she is younger so naturally is friskier and wants more action. Compromise is needed. But splitting just because of that? c’mon. if they split, it only means there was really nothing there in the first place.

  15. carmens corner says:

    I agree with missindale. The reason he left Jen in the first place was because she kept postponing kids because of her “Friends” career. I have always admired and love Brad Pitt. Angelina was aware of his desires to have kids and she gave him that dream, along with continuing her career. Mr. & Mrs. Smith was a classic! All they have to do is watch their movie together and they can reconcile from just the Movie! Most couples don’t have that opportunity. If the rumors are even TRUE!

  16. drake80 says:

    6 kids,all she wanted was praise an attention,and that’s what she wants now with brad,and guess what as we get older we realize,all our time an energy,as brad knows goes first 100% to the kids.smart man,she sounds like she should have stayed single an no kids….buuuttt once a hoe always a hoe,and brad wishes like hell everyday he should have stayed with jenn,single,no kids,and not a hoe……but guess what some people learn from their mistakes.And he realize thats what he made,buuutttttt kids are involved so he is being a man about it and is still there…….you go brad

  17. mynxbaby says:

    Angelina should be glad that he takes care of the kids. Some men don’t and besides she don’t have to pay someone to watch the kids while she whores around.

  18. Daisey says:

    Listen, nobody lives in their house, nobody knows if this story is true, I think at the end of any day Angie is just as tired as Brad, so unless there are eyes in the walls, Id say take this story and dump it,,

  19. leahbabes says:

    Angelina is bored with Brad because he’s not married to someone else.

  20. mcj3 says:

    we all are tired at the end of the day,but if u stop making time for sex the relationship will crumble eventually.

  21. jessica03 says:

    Brad cares for his kids. Angelina…..? hmm

  22. Ravynnelyn says:

    tiredt66, you obviously really ARE tired. Angelina has NEVER been self-centered, and her children are NOT “acts” with her. Maddox has been with her MOST of his life, BEFORE she ever MET Pitt. Thornton left her because she would not continue the party lifestyle after she got Maddox. That does not sound self-centered to me! Where do you get off writing that they have sex in front of the children. They both have said that it is difficult to find time for themselves, but that they would not have it any other way. Since when do you know her enough to make ignorant judgements about her? You DON’T! She was pretty young when she did some of the things she did, and don’t tell me you haven’t made mistakes in your life. When she looks at Pitt, it is obvious she loves him and is NOT bored with him. Maybe you should channel your erroneous thoughts into something besides stories that are not true, and even the few that were true are no longer true!

  23. marie1206 says:

    What’s the percentage of cheaters being cheated on?

  24. clasifyd1 says:

    Not surprising, she did kinda-sorta-just-a-tad-bit HOMEWRECKED. I mean, she’s wonderful and all, but come on. And Brad can deal with it ’cause he was a douche for ruining his marriage with Jen.

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