Why Can't Michelle Obama Wear Shorts?

Why Can't Michelle Obama Wear Shorts?
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But this outcry begs the question, should the President and first lady be allowed to be regular folk? I have to keep reminding myself that it is 2009. We live in an era of reality TV and YouTube, where almost anything goes, and yet the first lady baring her upper arms is questioned? Go back thirtysomething years and you’ll see that Jackie Kennedy wore the same type of sleeveless shift dresses that Michelle is donning now. And, gasp, you sometimes saw her knees too!

Jackie O and Michelle O

So why have we taken two steps forward by electing the first African-American president and one giant leap back by questioning his wife’s laid-back style? While I am not suggesting that Michelle loosens up to the point where she stars in a Girls Gone Wild video or eats slugs on I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here, why can’t she dress casually on a family vacation on a 90-degree day?

Some say the shorts were OK when she was standing at the edge of the Grand Canyon, but that it was inappropriate for her to wear the same outfit as she descended the steps of Air Force One. Michelle just can’t win. She was criticized for this, yet she was ridiculed earlier in the summer when did change outfits on the plane before touching down in Europe.

President Obama

As the health care debate rages on, and the recession continues to force people out of their homes and jobs, I think we have more imperative things to concern ourselves with than a flash of first lady thigh. And more importantly, if we’re questioning Michelle’s shorts, should Obama wear a swimsuit on the beach? My vote: Yes, he can.

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0 thoughts on “Why Can't Michelle Obama Wear Shorts?

  1. I think shorts are fine but I sure wish she had a sense of style! Those shorts with the gold colored tank top looked like they came from a thrift store. She doesn’t know how to look stylish. If she wore a stylish short outfit there wouldn’t be as much flack. She seriously needs to hire someone to pick her outfits for every moment of her life until she is out of the White House. She has no taste! She could easily make the worst dressed list.

  2. Now, now, now nevie_one
    Did you ever hear the one about “people in glass houses…”?
    It is protocol (not protocal) you dummy
    breaking (not braking)
    and Michelle Obama can wear whatever she wants – she is a wonderful first lady


  4. Excuse me but being the president’s wife does put her in a glass house! The only reason the Kennedy comparison was brought up was because some fools have tried to compare her to Jackie. Jackie would never have been seen in shorts. She was a true lady and respected her position. She curtsied to the Queen and would never have given her an IPOD with pictures of herself. There is class and there is trash. Some of those outfits she wears would put her in the latter. I have to ask, if she is such a great first “lady”, what has she done that is so great? I know she has been on one vacation after another. She has been spending LOTS of our money traveling but other than that, she hasn’t done one thing to deserve the title of “great lady!” So what is so great about her? Is it only because she is black? If so, I have known many black women who would put her to shame.

  5. Thousands of people have lost their jobs, thousands more lost their homes. Too many of our soldiers are dying in far off wars and right here in the US there are young children who are starving. Our country is in a severe crisis that

  6. uuh, Im not really getting this without links to back it up… was there actually a national outcry againts her wearing shorts or is this article just talking about some other article that bashed her shorts-wearing? In either case, wow, I cant believe people are actually getting bent out of shape over this… whats the difference between wearing shorts and wearing a skirt above the knee, something which must be appropriate first lady attire. Is she breaking into a man’s territory by wearing shorts? Is it because she bares her ankles?? Seriously, maybe you should cover her up with a veil like a muslim… or maybe just stone her, that’ll teach her…

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