Why Courteney Cox Can't Stop Worrying About Jennifer Aniston

An insider tells Betty Confidential that now that Jen is dating Gerard Butler again, her best friend is afraid she's going to have to pick up the pieces when the romance sours.
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Jennifer Aniston and Gerard Butler

But Jen and Gerard did not spend her actual birthday —February 11 — together and on that day, he was spotted with a dark-haired woman on his way to a physical therapy appointment in Santa Monica. Gerard also looked cozy with a pretty brunette outside of the Chris McMillan Salon, which is owned by Jen’s good friend and hairdresser, but an insider suspects that Gerard’s flirting is all a cover-up to keep the attention off his reignited romance with Jen.

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If things don’t work out between Jen and Gerard this time around, however, Courteney will no doubt have her friend’s back. The two have been close since they met at an audition for Friends in 1994. “I trust her implicitly,” says Courteney. “I guess the reason why I love Jennifer so much is that I feel very safe with her — always.” Adds the source, “They are there for each other in any situation. No matter what kind of problems either one has, they can lean on each other. It’s a very rare friendship and they are lucky to have it.”

Jen knows she can always count on Courteney too, even if she doesn’t approve of the guys she dates. “Courteney is strong, rational, and always knows what’s right. She’s the go-to person for advice,” says the source. “She always has her best girl’s interest at heart. When it comes right down to it, they are like sisters.”

JoAnna Zulli is a New York-based writer who has worked for Star, Soap Opera Magazine, Woman’s World, In Touch and the New York Post.

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0 thoughts on “Why Courteney Cox Can't Stop Worrying About Jennifer Aniston

  1. Please, does anyone else see that the root of all relationship troubles Miss Aniston suffers is from her own self-absorbed, manicuring, pedicuring, hair highlighting, personal trainer workouting, shallow self..Me, Me, Me, not wonder there isn’t a man on this earth who can stand to be with her, let alone engage in a conversation with or form a committed relationship with..
    If she spent anytime on anyone besides herself and partying with her friends, she could develop a “relationship” with a man. Or maybe she’s a closet lesbian and loves the publicity all this concern from the media gets her….it’s certainly not from her whiny, crying, baby-talk characters she plays in every movie!!! Just sayin…

  2. i heart jennifer/rachel. courteney is being monica. that’s courteney. she is a big sister type. she always knows what’s right, what’s wrong. jennifer/rachel is just like me. i guess we are too friendly to men and we get our heart broken at the end. honestly, jennifer knows what she wants and knows how to get. i admire her. jennifer is just like rachel. her outgoing and self esteem.

  3. Doggonit, Jennifer Aniston is a woman “fully grown”. Now we really see who the slut is and it is not Angelina Jolie. My goodness,since the Brad Pitt fiasco, Aniston has been with Vince Vaughn, John Mayer, Vince Vaughn, John Mayer again, Harold, Dave, Bob, Ted, etc. She is a potty mouthed (curses like a sailor) talentless slut. The only reason she keeps appearing in the entertainment news is because of her seemingly connection to Brad Pitt. Her 15 minutes were up a lonnnnnggg time ago but the media harps on her especially on slow news days.

  4. I would like to know, do any of you people know Jennifer Aniston personally? I doubt it! Get off her case. Don’t judge until you have walked in her shoes! I would say three men in 5 yrs is not a lot! Not to mention, we don’t even know if Gerard rumors are true. So two men in 5 yrs since her divorce! And fairly long term deals also. This does not a slut make! You idiots! Has anyone looked at Brad Pitt lately. Pulease, she has never ridden on his coattails. Who the hell knows what happened btw those two. I can tell you, I don’t, and I bet not one of you people posting know either. So shut the “bleeep” up, and leave Jennifer alone!

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