Why Dating Bigger Men is Better

Why dating bigger men is better.


Why Dating Bigger Men is Better

Size does matter

-Emily Porter

Russell CroweI never thought I’d date a “fat” guy. As an athlete (I swim several times a week), I used to only be attracted to svelte, trim men. I was so focused on finding a guy who worshiped his own body that I neglected to look for a guy who worshiped me.

So imagine my surprise when I began dating a chubby, cuddly guy. He didn’t compete in triathlons, he never counted calories, he rarely wore fitted clothes. At first I grew nervous that we wouldn’t work together. I worried that everywhere we went, people would judge us for being an inter-weight-cial couple.

But after a few weeks, my fears melted away. Instead of staring at his plump tummy, all I could see was how much he cared for me. Despite my initial prejudice against hefty hunks, I realized he pretty much rocked my world. Sometimes bigger is definitely better.

I’m not the only one jumping aboard the junk-in-the-trunk bandwagon.

The New York Times reports that several leading men have packed on pounds as of late. Russell Crowe, Jeff Daniels, John Travolta, Denzel Washington and Hugh Grant have all recently made full-figured film appearances. And Fox is planning a dating reality show called More to Love, which will feature overweight contestants.

Here are four reasons why dating a “Big & Tall” boy will give you the most bang for your buck.

1. He’ll never criticize your weight or your food portions. If you want that extra slice of pizza or that extra scoop of ice cream, he’s not going to raise an eyebrow.

2. You know how women’s magazines always claim that men prefer women with a little meat on their bones, because their bodies feel better to the touch? Turns out the reverse is also true. Heavier men are softer and more squeezable than skinny studs.

3. His belly = your own personal, portable pillow.

4. Weighty guys enjoy life more than thin men. They never stress about diets or workouts – they instead spend their time tasting the pleasures of life. Like you!

How about you Bettys: Have you ever dated an overweight guy? Is bigger really better? Or are heavy men a turn-off?

Send us a photo of your big guy and we’ll include it in our Bigger is Better roundup! E-mail it to editorial@bettyconfidential.com along with your name and your guy’s name.

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26 thoughts on “Why Dating Bigger Men is Better

  1. mk_ultra says:

    I wouldn’t want to date someone that was unhealthy, but if he was just naturally a bit bigger, then I would be on board!

  2. jadeheart says:

    I’m a slim woman who’s an on again/off again gym member. I’ve dated men of all shapes and sizes, from the tall and very thin, to short and plump, to big and muscular and I have to say, as nice as a “hard body” is in bed….it’s kinda sad when he leaves it at 4am EVERY morning to be at the gym, leaving me to curl up in the warm spot he so abruptly abandoned. It’s a bit lonely. A man who’s a little less concerned about his physique DOES have some advantages! Plus, I LOVE sharing dessert with my partner; a definite no-no for a gym rat.

  3. kitty says:

    This is hilarious. But what really bugs me is the double standard — especially in Hollywood.

  4. Fern says:

    Yes, and it’s not just a double standard in Hollywood, it’s a double standard in real life!

  5. lotsowritin25 says:

    i agree with mk_ultra – also, what about boys with a pot belly? does that count as “bigger”?

  6. Meggieliz8 says:

    i think there is also a difference between men who are not overweight and men who obsess over their weight. my guy is naturally lean but doesn’t give a crap about calorie counting, gyms, or how his guns look in this shirt…but i guess that is just luck of the gene draw :)

  7. star says:

    My spouse is now a big guy and has been more or less since I met him, but he still sees himself as the skinny kid he was in high school–at least to a certain extent. He will comment on me having an extra scoop of ice cream or what he might consider a portion size a little to big for me. He will make comments about my belly (that carried his 2 kids–one of which was the largest one in the nursery). He is sometimes into walking, but it is his other activities that keep him rather self focused and not at all focused on me. So size does not necessarily matter. I think getting to know the guy and finding the one who cherishes you is the one to look for–which is the point of the story isn’t it?

  8. jshadlow010 says:

    I actually prefer fatter guys. I’m a chubby chaser. I’m pretty overweight too, and have always been since I was like 2. I feel more comfortable with a larger guy, just because I don’t feel like I’m dominating them.
    I’ve also noticed that the really fit guys I’ve dated were jerks to me all the time. For instance, this one guy grabbed my gut and was like “blub blub blub” (that was the end of our relationship >_>)
    But the big guy I’m with now is always really sweet. Hes much warmer and always wants to cuddle (and hes a much nicer pillow than skinny boys)

    The only down side to a fat boy is that I watched my father die when I was 15 of a heart attack. I fear that if I become committed to a larger man, I will live through what my mom lived through. I don’t want my man to die at age 45.

  9. Carolyn88 says:

    I like big guys! I have one ;)

  10. mfe says:

    Just don’t get too comfy where you get fat too!

  11. meb2611 says:

    It would have to be a healthy weight! But it seems that bigger guys are typically more fun loving!

  12. xsfoolishness says:

    As someone who has been dating a “cuddly” guy for the past three years, I can honestly say I love it way more compared to a guy who is thin. I don’t have the smallest frame and I love to eat, so I’m a little cushy myself. That being said, I don’t want to be the biggest one when the clothes come off!

    Not to mention, my guy is a great cook so we hardly ever go waste money at restaurants. One of the perks of having a guy who lives to eat not eats to live.

  13. A fat guy says:

    This is retarded, and probably written by a lonely, overweight male.

  14. sennatrem says:

    “My anecdote totally applies to all women everywhere even though it seems I’ve only dated one man with a few extra pounds!” This woman was (and I suspect deep down still is) so prejudiced against overweight men that any idea that they might be more than excess fat and HEY maybe even a real person is such a deep and meaningful revelation to her that it must be the same for the rest of us. Nope, overweight men have always been and will always be real people for me, despite the fact that you’ve written an entire article boiling them down to one feature (neglecting the fact that maybe you should go for personality above all else). Drivel. I feel as though she’s writing about her charity work. Replace “fat dudes” with “homeless dudes” and you’ll see what I mean. Dammit I need a drink…

  15. Monabookgirl says:

    So what I want to know is why it’s ok to be a bigger man but not a bigger woman? I’m sure when the article was written you expected to hear exactly this comment. But come on! Men can be big and handsome and get dates and more. But big women are considered ugly. I know it’s childish but it’s not fair!

  16. yoyokiddo says:

    I like a bit of meat on my man, but not to the point that it’s unhealthy. But that extra layer of softness when I’m laying on his chest is just perfect. :D

  17. kenyadigit says:

    My current boyfriend is a closet chubby boy. When he wears clothes, he looks thin and GORGEOUS, when he takes his shirt off, he isn’t BIG by any means, but he is SOFT. I love laying my head on his stomach.

    I thought I’d always date a skinny skinny boy. Its always been more my type. However, it didn’t take me long to fall in love with my bigger boy.

  18. Candice says:

    I absolutely love this article. My boyfriend has always been bigger, and I honestly don’t know what it is .. but I’m just always been attracted to bigger guys. I’m not talking large, can’t see his feet, but larger … than me at least

  19. sebastyne says:

    I think there’s a happy medium there. I’m married to a fitness and conditioning coach. It can be a bit of a bother sometimes when you can’t treat yourself to chocolate without him going: “You know how many calories that thing has?” but that doesn’t mean he wouldn’t love me to bits. I think it’s rather silly (read: superficial) to think that just because someone is fit they’d be self-centered and incapable of loving a woman. Same goes with skinny girls, just because they’re skinny doesn’t mean they’re heartless. Personality and weight don’t go hand-in-hand, just as I know some mean & lean girls, I know some real fat bitches in the same ratio.

  20. Stina89 says:

    To be honest, I’ve never really had a physical attraction to skinnier men. I think some are handsome, but would never go for one unless I “fell” for him. My boyfriend is a “bigger” guy. I don’t use the word “fat” because to me I think it is a really mean way to say “overweight”. Well anyway, he is always telling me how much he wants to marry me and tells me how much he loves me and misses me (we are in a long distance relationship and are 3 hours away from each other and see each other every 2-4 months depending on the circumstances). He is the love of my life, I really do believe “bigger is better” :)

  21. batforlashes says:

    I’m just saying, chubby guys are adorable. Seth Rogen is a terrific example!

  22. MarilynP says:

    I am married to a fluffy guy. I love it. I always say I would rather hug a teddy bear then a rock. He says he wants to lose weight but I tell him that I don’t want him to lose to much.

  23. bryony1 says:

    If he’s well-proportioned, I say, Yeah, bigger is better! (I like tall ones, too.) But if the bigness is all out in front, he need not call me ’cause I ain’t going. I think Travolta looks repulsive. Washington’s head and face are too narrow to carry much weight on his body. Same with Grant. Crowe? Stop at chunky.

  24. sidneyanne says:

    I don’t think I could stand a gym rat, but I don’t really like the pot guts men get in their later years either. A little extra padding all over is fine, but not a concentrated dose in the middle. I have worked really hard to lose a large amount of weight myself, but even at my heaviest, I was not attracted to very large men.

  25. laB0nita says:

    I love love love my big man! he is so good to me. I was attracted to his personality when we first met and his weight was something that crossed my mind a few times before we had made it official but now i dont even think about it I dont care what people think in public matter fact i make sure its known that YES! I am with him! He makes me feel and treats me like a queen and wouldnt trade him for anything :)

    1. sofia says:

      Agreed! I dated pretty boys for so long, I felt unpretty. My big boi is the sweetest man I have met in so many years. I feel beautiful and loved. He holds my hand and sends me flowers. The old me would have never given a handsome guy like him a chance. I guess the old me never really wanted to feel happy but fake happy in those pictures. And ladies, don't get it twisted…the best loving I have ever had has been with this passionate man. He pays attention to the details both publicly and privately. For the first time I'm full. Dont judge a book by its cover.

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