Why I Lie to My Bikini Waxer

Nicole Christie explains why she feels the need to lie to her bikini waxer.
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Great, I thought. As if it wasn’t bad enough explaining to my family, friends, and everyone else in the entire world that I was single, I now had the woman most familiar with my intimate parts questioning her purpose in my life.

A few days later, I noticed that my usually flawless wax job was red, irritated, and sprouting ingrown hairs. I wondered, Could there be a connection? Could it be that Natasha was a “waxist,” a crotch curator who only approached her job with exquisite care if there was someone attending the exhibit?

I decided to test my theory. On my next visit, I remained true to my singlehood – ass held high, declaring my right to a smooth chotch, man or no man. Two days later, it was like a raspberry farm had sprouted between my legs.

Waxism be damned!

At my next appointment, when Natasha asked about my monster, I said he was doing well and why yes, we had a summer vacation planned – to Bermuda, in fact, and of course he was paying. Over time, my responses to her inquiries on what he did for a living varied depending on who I was dating – or wanted to be dating. He was a comedian, a graphic designer, a lawyer. We chatted about where he’d taken me for Valentine’s Day, what he bought me for Christmas, and how he was about to come back from a weeklong business trip in Palm Springs (I was jonesing for a really good wax that day).

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These days, as she navigates into my most intimate cracks and crevices, she speaks with pride rather than pity: “Oh, he is going to LOVE me, he is going to LOVE ME.”

But then I’m reminded that no one is heading below my equator any time soon and think, “He WHO? Mr. Silicone-and-Batteries in my nightstand drawer? Oh yes, HE is going to LOVE you indeed. Too bad he has a dial instead of a mouth.”

But then I remember that HE is 100 percent focused on my pleasure and also asks nothing in return, which allows me to be 100 percent focused on myself in virtually every part of my life. Not many women can say that about their relationships.

So my monster? He’s doing just fine.

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0 thoughts on “Why I Lie to My Bikini Waxer

  1. one time my waxer asked me about my boyfriend and i replied that we just broke up and she totally gave me this look like “then what the hell are we doing here?!” so yes, i would def. lie too!

  2. i just got a bikini wax for the seoncd time in my life. the first i got about five years ago and sWORE i’d never do it again because it hurt so much. i tried it again last week and don’t think i’m going to be able to do it for another five years.it hurts!!!!! does it get any better?

  3. waxing totally gets better needcoffee! it’s the first time that hurts the most, if you went routinely it wouldn’t hurt so bad the 2nd time and would get easier each time.

  4. I’ve never had a bikini wax. sadly, now I don’t think I ever will thanks to Steve Carell’s painful wax experience in The 40 Year Old Virgin haha

  5. I have never went for a Wax down there, I wanted too. But the pain well im a baby cant handle that so I wont do it. I just shave shave shave, And even though I hate it, I have no choice so I do it. And I have a man, He is always asking when will I go get waxed. After 13 years you would think he would know by now it is never going to happen.
    Patty M

  6. As a woman of a certain age, I can’t do it. Legs and “pits, sure, but men of a certain age say they don’t like it, a little too much like being with a child.

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