Why Jay-Z's Angry With Kanye

The Taylor Swift debacle has strained Kanye West's friendship with Jay-Z, and friends worry Kanye is headed for a meltdown
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Why Jay-Z’s Angry With Kanye

The Taylor Swift debacle has strained Kanye West’s friendship with Jay-Z, and friends worry Kanye is headed for a meltdown

-Kelly Will

 Kanye West and Jay-Z

While Kanye West and Jay-Z performed together on Jay Leno’s first show last night, it was clear to anyone who was watching closely that Jay-Z was trying to distance himself from the rapper who thoroughly disgraced himself on Sunday night at the MTV Video Music Awards. As the pair and Rihanna ended their number on Leno’s show, Jay-Z took a step backwards and turned his face away from his friend.

An insider tells BettyConfidential that Jay-Z was furious after Kanye grabbed the microphone away from Best Female Video winner Taylor Swift in the middle of her acceptance speech and praised Beyonce’s video for “Single Ladies.”

My MTV source says, “Kanye makes poor choices and this could cost him his relationship with Jay-Z. He couldn’t believe that Kanye hopped onstage, took away her mike and then dragged Beyonce into the middle of the situation! Jay-Z might not talk about how much he loves his wife publicly, but there’s nothing he wouldn’t do for her. Beyonce was so upset and heartbroken for Taylor. She insisted on setting it right as soon as she got backstage for her performance. She found her MTV producer and they discussed the plan so Taylor could give a proper speech.”

Kanye West and Taylor Swift

The insider adds that there were many tears shed backstage after the incident by Taylor, Taylor’s mom and even Beyonce. “Taylor’s mom was furious and yelled at Kanye before security removed him. She had a few choice words for him and then she consoled Taylor and told her to forget all about it and focus on her performance. Beyonce was so apologetic, there were tears in her eyes for something that wasn’t her fault at all. She was so empathetic and insisted that MTV help her give back Taylor’s moment.”

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0 thoughts on “Why Jay-Z's Angry With Kanye

  1. Kanye West is a narcissistic, marginal talent. What he did at the VMA is shamefull and repugant. He’s done this a several other award shows, including an MTV Europe award show in Copehagen where West protested that he should have won. This loser needs to banned from all future award shows.

  2. I feel bad for Taylor it is a moment she will never get back. Beyonce was all class and it is just a bad situation for all involved. How much had he been drinking prior to the show???

  3. My first gripe with this incident is why didn’t MTV remove him from the award show altogether.
    Kanye needs to learn to think things through. What did he think that he was going to gain by interrupting Taylor and saying Beyonce should have won. Did he think he would get kudos from Beyonce? Fail
    I lost all respect for Kanye and no amount of apologies will change my opinion.

  4. i also feel bad for talylor after every thing that happen. kanye was so out of line and so disrespectful there isnt really words to dicribe it (what was he thinking really!!!!!!!) kanye u really need to get your situation in control and get some help

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