Why Julia Roberts is Jealous of Sandra Bullock

Sandra Bullock's comeback has Julia Roberts feeling a little envious and rethinking her career.
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Why Julia Roberts is Jealous of Sandra Bullock

Sandra Bullock’s comeback has Julia Roberts feeling a little envious and rethinking her career.

 -JoAnna Zulli

Julia Roberts

Has Julia Roberts lost her America’s Sweetheart crown to Sandra Bullock? It certainly looks that way this year as Sandy has scooped up an armful of awards and even scored an Oscar nod. Julia’s friends tell BettyConfidential the actress is rethinking her career after seeing Sandra’s comeback as a box office superstar.

“She’s a bit envious of Sandra,” a pal says. “Sandra’s ascent into super-star status has definitely rubbed Julia the wrong way. Julia took for granted that she would stay at the top of the heap. But she’s telling her manager, ‘Get me working now!’”

Last year, Sandra cut down her workload in order to be there for her husband Jesse’s kids; Chandler, 15, Jesse Jr., 12, and Sunny, 5. But she still managed to put out two hit films, The Proposal and The Blind Side. The latter broke box office records, becoming the first film with a female lead to make more than $200 million and won Sandra a Golden Globe and SAG award and an Oscar nomination.

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Sandra, 45, acknowledged during her SAG acceptance speech that she’d worked hard for her comeback, saying that she’d stopped working six years ago “because I wasn’t doing good work.” She turned her back on the big money roles and began auditioning again and taking roles in smaller films, gradually working her way back up the ladder. In fact, according Hollywood Grind, she only scored her role in The Proposal opposite Ryan Reynolds because Julia wouldn’t lower her salary demands.


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0 thoughts on “Why Julia Roberts is Jealous of Sandra Bullock

  1. I’m with YOU 100%, sand! I love Sandra Bullock. She isn’t a spoiled, jealous, diva like JR. She seems just like the girl next door you’d love to be pals with!!

  2. Love love love that sandra bullock . Saw her in Love Potion number 9 to more serious drama in hope floats. She is the girl next door with something extra! She doesnt take herself too seriously like Julia roberts does and she does appear to be a little unapproachable and annoying. You know what I think that she thinks that she is a Thespian actress! but jules is far from it. She is just a person who happened to hit with pretty woman and has been blessed to have a few movies that people resonate with. I really dont care for her cause she has this air about her that she is so much better than every one else and the world cannot do without her.
    Sandra Bullock on the other hand I can look to a body of work that she was not nominated for. She gives off an air of not taking herself so seriously lol. Hope floats, forces of nature , crash , all different character Hope floats( a struggling mother whose husband humiliates her on national television) Forces of nature( she plays a person you can either love or hate love that film) Crash another film she should have won for. She plays a racist but she plays her with such vunerability that you cannot help but feel sorry for her
    Julia roberts plays one note characters with the exception of smile and pretty woman she generally just plays herself

  3. This is dumb for several reasons:

    1. Julia got her Oscar ten years ago (and most critics agreed, including Ebert, that she should have received a nomination for Closer)

    2. Julia already finished Eat, Pray, Love which she started working on over a year ago (with Javier Bardem, James Franco, Viola Davis, Richard Jenkins, and Billy Crudup).

    3. She’s doing a film with Tom Hanks that he asked her to do quite a while back. She didn’t beg him for the part, he asked her to be in it because he wrote and directed it.

    4. She doesn’t have a “bunch of films out with no director or co-star”, you all need to buy an IMDBPro account. She has only committed to Eat, Pray, Love (which is done) and Larry Crowne which starts production in a month.

    5. Julia Roberts left for years to raise her kids and she is still:
    -The first woman to reach 1 billion at the box office
    -The first woman to reach 2 billion at the box office
    -The biggest female box office star in film history (2.4 billion)
    -Has more 100 million dollar films than any woman in film history
    -The first woman in film history to receive a salary comparative to a man (20 million)
    -The only actress ever to have 7 movies in a row gross over 75 million at the box office
    -3 Oscar nominations, an Oscar, 8 Golden Globe nominations, 3 Golden Globes, 2 BAFTAS

    I could go on, but to say that this post is beyong silly would be an understatement. I guess its easier and more fun to be bitchy than truly knowledgable or informed though….

  4. Wow? Dawkins are you Julia in disguise??? Thats alot of facts and I think you may be on the defensive. How many notches on her film belt have nothing to do with the green-eyed monster. Bullock is generating alot of attention at the moment, doesn’t matter what Julia was- the present is reality.

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